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Dec 10, 2008 11:48 AM

xmas eve in white haven, PA (Jack Frost area)

We're taking our kids skiing at Jack Frost on Dec 24. We will need to find dinner that evening, and imagine it will be tough to find any place open. Are there any decent Chinese restaurants in the area? Or any other casual restaurants anyone can recommend that might be open??

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  1. Bel'Lago at Split rock Resort is decent Italian, nothing special but they may be open since they are part of the resort. You could also try Nick's Lake House which has pretty good bar food: nachos, wings burgers etc. Same owners also have Louie's Prime, a steak house and Shenanigans (again, bar foo). you don;t really have a lot of choices in this area, but you could call or go on line to see if these places are open xmas eve. There is a Chinese rest. in the Blakeslee Plaza (where the local supermarket is), but I have never been there.