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Dec 10, 2008 11:48 AM

Looking for the best roast beef po boy in the FQ.....

I never had one and they sound awesome!! We will be staying at the Inn on Bourbon (Bourbon & Touluise St) and looking for the roast beef poboy on a sunday in January. Somewhere within' a 20 minute walk of our hotel and open on Sundays would be preferable. We will be having dinner at Stella that night and then walking the bars on bourbon st after. Is Bourbon St any tamer on Sunday nights? I hope not!

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  1. Honestly....Verdi Mart has it going on....or quartermasters.....and if your feeling adventurous....go to corner of elysian and St. Claude

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      I had a mediocre Po Boy at Cajun Cabin on Bourbon Street once. I do not recommend it. There are some Po Boy shops on Bourbon which I have not eaten at. I think the Court of Two Sisters has one. Isn't there a shop called John's or something like that on Bourbon. Verdi Mart might deliver to your hotel, you might want to check on that. I had a good Roast Beef Po Boy at Mandina's on Canal Street once but it is not in the French Quarter but can be accessed from the Canal Street Streetcar. Roast beef po boys if done right are a treat.

      Bigray in Ok

    2. look no further than johnny's on st. louis, just off decatur. some consider their roast beef among the best in the city. i'd put it in my top five. the only problem is it closes pretty early, as in afternoon. so a good option for lunch. not an option for dinner. tip: if it's crowded in the front, check the dining area in the back to the left of the counter area. i don't think most people realize it's there.

      1. johnny's po-boys on st louis, in the quarter. they have 50 or so different variations, many of them are very good.

        i live near Gene's, on elysian and st claude, and while they get points for being 24-hours, i have to say they arent that great. my last hot sausage there tasted like lighter fluid. for late nite eats i prefer the little grocery+convenience stores scattered about. Hank's, also on st claude, has the same fare as gene's, but at about half the price.

        1. Had roast beef po-boys from both Verti Marte and Quartermasters within the last four months and each of them was absolutely dreadful. Each was made with shoe-leather-tough, boxed processed meat with salt & MSG-laden "gravy." So bad in fact that I have not ordered anything from either place since then.

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            Johnny's. The "dirty Mart" is a bit too grody for me.

          2. Recently had one at both Matassa's Grocery for take-out and Fiorella's for dine-in, haven't had one at Verti Mart or Jonny's in years so I cant recommend them.