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birdy30 Dec 10, 2008 11:44 AM

Alas, the Roman is out of the picture now Birdy30 has to time to venture out into the brave new world seeking new culinary adventures. The North End became a little too repetitious. Pasta anyone? Back in the day when I worked in Cambridge, I often went to Central Kitchen after my shift. I found myself back in familiar territory again. They used to have a really interesting wine list by the glass. I don't know what changed but they were well, blah. And on top of that, the glass is sooooo tiny. It's a big filled to the brim pour but I would much prefer some room to swirl my wine. The bartender was gracious enough to switch for me. I ordered the mussels. A nice big bowl with a classic broth. I loved the french fries that came with it.
Enough with CK, I made the treacherous walk across Mass Ave. (seriously these cars don't slow down for anyone in the crosswalk!) to Rendezvous. What a pleasant little surprise this turned out to be. I sat down at the bar and smiled. Finally a bar where there is room enough for my legs! No more sitting sideways and having my knees jammed into the wall. Mr. Bartender poured me a big full bodied beautiful red in a beautiful wine glass. Now we are talking! I opted for the charcuterie plate. Chicken liver mousse, duck rillette, cornichons, capers, prosciutto -esque meat, and whole grain mustard. Sourdough bread, crispy crackers, a pat of butter. Colon clogging heaven. I saw a few familiar faces (old patrons of mine/old coworkers). This place knows what they were doing and I will definitely be back. Loved it. Loved it. LOVED it.
One final stop. Hungry Mother. My cozy little neighborhood joint. I ordered the boiled peanuts. Yummy. How fun and how oddly textured those little guys can be. Sort of mashed potato-y. A simple malbec. Reasonably priced. Another place I will gladly return to.
Are there any other good haunts that you can recommend? It's been quite a while since I have ventured to the other side of the river.

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  1. rlh RE: birdy30 Dec 10, 2008 12:35 PM

    Green Street

    1. d
      dfan RE: birdy30 Dec 10, 2008 12:48 PM

      Definitely Green Street. Awesome cocktails, very good food and a nice ambiance.

      Craigie Street Bistrot just moved to Central Square and became Craigie on Main. It's a bit fancier and pricier, but they now have a complete bar, complete with bar menu.

      1. yumyum RE: birdy30 Dec 11, 2008 03:13 PM

        Hey birdy ! Welcome back to this side of the river .... I love Rendezvous too, and Green Street.

        Also, between Central and Harvard you will find Garden at the Cellar. I like sitting at the bar and nibbling on home-made tater tots, pretty and delicious salads, and last time a killer short rib mac n'cheese. Small wine glasses there too, but the bartender will pour you some sips as you decide what to drink.

        I haven't been yet, but I gather there is a bar menu at Craigie as well. Beware the prices, though.

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        1. re: yumyum
          digga RE: yumyum Dec 11, 2008 05:36 PM

          YY - Craigie on Main is a nice space, the bar is so welcoming, but you are right about the prices. A bit on the high side. What the....? Where am I? Am I still in Central Sq.?!

          Green Street is great and eating solo at the bar at River Gods feels perfectly normal. You will almost always strike up an interesting conversation at the bar whether you are alone or not.

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          miiki RE: birdy30 Dec 11, 2008 03:22 PM

          I don't go out much any more but thanks for reminding me of Rendezvous. I must try it.
          I have a lot of fave haunts but these days, when I venture out, Hungry Mother is tops. Reminds me of a more status quo [this is NOT meant in a negative way!] early B-side Lounge as far as hospitality, comfort eats, stellar cocktails. The service is dead on. I live here though so I don't need to venture far. It's cozy, you can linger, the noise level is non-existent: the perfect place away from home.

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