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Dec 10, 2008 11:29 AM

Lobster by Air?

The prices are plummeting, so the report goes. Does that mean individuals can get good prices for big, live lobsters from Maine? Who are the best purveyors?

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  1. I see no one has replied, so I will try to be of help. I teach on the coast and buy lobsters directly from my students right now for about $2.25 /lb. I know there are several places that ship, but have never needed to use one. I suggest googling the topic or Down East Magazine and compare prices and look for feedback. Sorry, happy hunting.

    1. When I want to send lobsters to friends and customers throughout the USA I use Pine Point Fisherman's Co-op out of Scarborough, ME.
      For mailorder they charge about $12 to $13 /lb. right now plus overnight shipping. Very reliable. Prices this year in New England were so low I'm actually tired of eating lobster. My connection is charging me $10.00 for 2 1/2 lb. lobsters, and I couldn't refuse a 6 pounder for $25.00 recently to add to the Thanksgiving table.

      1. Mail-order lobster guys haven't gotten the word. They've actually raised their prices.

        1. After comparing price per lobster with the cost of overnight shipping to provide my SO with a Mainer birthday party in Oregon, I ended up buying from the last time. I always buy 3 so we have one for bisque or lobster rolls the next day. And because of the flat shipping rate, I also bought a pound of steamer clams.

          Everything arrived in perfect shape!

          1. I did a lot of looking online yesterday, and reached the conclusion that shippers' prices in no way reflect the current local market in New England. In short, they all seem to be total rip-offs, and I won't be ordering any lobster for the holidays.