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Dec 10, 2008 11:23 AM

Lychee Ice Cream in Vegas?

Does anyone know of any restaurant or store in Vegas that has lychee ice cream? My boyfriend and I will be there in January, and when we were in NYC last year we had dinner at a Thai place that served lychee ice cream after and it was soooo amazing. We cant get it back home so I was thinking, what better place to look then Vegas baby!

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  1. well, apparently there isn't anywhere in Vegas to find such deliciousness...

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      I don't know it for a fact, but my guess is that it can be found somewhere in Chinatown. Why not explore and report back? I'd start at Chinatown Plaza, located at Spring Mountain Road between Valley View Boulevard and Arville Street.

    2. Maybe start at the 99 Ranch grocery store. I believe there's a 99 Ranch in one of the big malls on Spring Mountain. The 99 Ranch by me in L.A. (Van Nuys) has lychee ice cream and many, many other "exotic" flavors. Magnolia brand is very good.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions- Were not going to have a car, but Im sure we can hop a cab and go explore.

        1. Any Filipino or oriental grocery should carry Magnolia brand lychee ice cream. That's your best bet.

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            Thanks! I will keep an eye out for it.