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Dec 10, 2008 11:17 AM

Where to find Christmas goose

I've been asked to cook a goose for Christmas this year and am wondering where might be the best pace to procure one. I know Treasure Island has frozen ones and Whole Foods sometimes sells them during Holiday season. Does anybody have any other/better ideas?

Two other questions: does fresh v. frozen make much of a difference? Also, does one brine a goose like a Turkey?


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  1. Folks here can (hopefully) answer your question about where to buy locally.

    For tips about how to prep and cook, and fresh vs frozen, if you don't find answers here, you might try in the Home Cooking forum on this site, since that will have advice from cooks everywhere, a bigger base than the Chicago-area Chowhounders.

    1. A simple search internet for "goose brine" reveals lots of recipes and techniques for brining a goose.

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        I found several - I'm just wondering if most experienced cooks would recommend it.

      2. A friend bought a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving this year at Harrison's Poultry Farm on Waukegan road in Glenview. You might want to check and see if they sell goose as well.

        1. As I recall, we got a nice on from Gepperth's on Halsted and Armitage - they ordered it, I believe, but I enjoy it. Also a note - the fat structure of goose is very different than that of turkey and chicken. It cooks away quickly so the goose comes out of the over looking like a sun-bleached skeleton on the ground in the Sahara. I'm totally exaggerating, but it looks quite different than a Thanksgiving Turkey, so err on the side of bigger. As I recall, I used a wonderful super-old-school recipe from Julia Childs book, with a lovely stuffing and made with the organs and sausage. If you're interested, let me know and I can try to find and PDF to you. I think I soaked in milk and spices beforehand but cannot precisely recall.

          1. You can buy them at most Dominiks stores 10LB one runs for approx $63