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Dec 10, 2008 11:11 AM

MSP: Best of the Best

Hey Minnesotans! How about them vikings?


I'm a transplanted 'Sotan living in NYC. Since moving here I've become pretty obsessed with food and am on a constant lookout for the best food in NY. At any rate, I'll be in Minnesota over the holidays and I realized that not having lived in MN since I was in college, I don't really have any idea what restaurants are considered the cream of the crop in the MSP area.

I'm looking for places that strive in imagination and flavor, not necessarily the overly expensive steakhouse type restaurants. New American cuisine, any sort of ethnic cuisine (excluding sushi)....really ANYTHING. I was trying to think of a place to get dinner with some friends when I get in and I came up with nothing...because I've never been anywhere except bars and the occasional Chinese restaurant.

At any rate, thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Do a Midwest board search for "jfood". He's been hitting all of the "best of the best" and doing thoughtful and thorough reviews.

    My list would be similar, and for various reasons:

    112 Eatery
    Strip Club

    In "finer dining", La Belle Vie and Fugaise. Porter & Frye in the Hotel Ivy is somewhere in between.

    Saffron should be in there as well as Heartland for locally cultivated food.

    That would be my starting point anyway.

    1. New American in its most midwestern form available at Heartland in St Paul, which has been consistent and excellent, or The Craftsman in Minneapolis (though not far from st paul) which has been very good, but somewhat less consistently so - though im gonna stick my neck out and say they have the best french fries in town, and they compliment nicely a pretty great array of high end burgers and sandwiches.

      1. I'd add Heidi's to the list but make a reservation.

        If you want something you can't get in NYC consider going to Moto-i. It's the only sake brewpub outside of Japan and the food is pan-asian not sushi.

        1. Also add Restaurant Alma for fine dining, Fasika for Ethiopian, and Quang or Jasmine Deli for Vietnamese.

          1. 112 eatery hands down. I'm a brooklynite who spent weekdays the last year and a half working in MSP and 112 eatery actually outranked many of my favorites in nyc. Get the foie gras meatballs w/tagliatelle.

            Also, the sushi was an excellent surprise. If you are adventurous, I recommend doing omakase at the sushi bar at fuji ya in Uptown. If matthew is working (tall, young, ponytail on top of his head) you are in for a treat.