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Dec 10, 2008 11:04 AM

Vegetarian-friendly places in Edmonton?

I was wondering if anyone could rec a place in Edmonton that has good vegetarian-friendly as well as omnivore-friendly options. I don't want a totally vegetarian place as my SO is a big meat eater and he will be with us as well. So something that would offer the best of both would be great.

Previously, the vegetarian in question really liked Normand's - but the menu is quite meat heavy and none of the entrees are vegetarian (I don't want to force them into ordering soup & salad). Is there anything along those lines with good food, but more vegetarian options?

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  1. I'm going to throw out what may be the obvious, but I would suggest looking into different ethnic options - Indian restaurants tend to offer a substantial number of both veg and meat dishes, as do many Asian restaurants.

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      I considered that, but my SO is very much a meat and potatoes guy. He will do Italian, but he's not really into the ethnic scene. I would like to make it a meal that everyone will enjoy and not just pick at.

      Though... I could still use some recs along those lines for myself! I have read mixed things on here about many Asian restaurants in the area.

    2. I would reccommend Culina Highlands. On a very short menu there are a couple of great veggie options and the carnivore will love the braised bison ribs.

      My other thought is higher end Italian like the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen. They have several good veggie pastas and I think I had veggie lasagne there that was quite good.

      1. If you can possibly get him to wrap his head around not eating meat for one night, you should check out Cafe Mosaic on Whyte ave. My meat loving SO was more thrilled with this veggie place than I was (and I'm the vegetarian). He tried the portabello mushroom burger and fell in love!

        1. You should consider High Level Diner, which has great vegetarian options and good, hearty fare for everyone. Plus, it's very cozy and has delicious desserts.

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            I would second Culina, they do have great Vegetarian options. I also find most high end restaurants have at least one vegetarian option, and if you call ahead they should be able to accommodate your needs. such places would be Red Ox Inn, Jack's Grill, Hardware Grill.

          2. Blue Plate Diner is pretty veg friendly with both veggie and meatavore options for similar dishes. No steak on the menu but they usually have meatloaf and bison burger options I think. Downtown...104th St I think, just north of Jasper