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Dec 10, 2008 10:52 AM

Creme de Violette in DC

Does anyone know where to find Creme de Violette liquor in DC? I'm trying to make a genuine Aviation Cocktail and can't seem to find the stuff. So far I've tried the MoCo liquor stores, and Calvert Woodley - no dice. Anyway rather then drive all over town I thought I'd ask y'all first. Thanks!!


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  1. Ace (Beverage, on New Mexico Ave.) is the place. I bought some there just yesterday.

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      1. re: GinChevyChase

        You're very welcome. I use it to make Blue Moons, which seem to me to be basically Aviations without the Maraschino. I might try to make an Aviation if you would tell me where you get the Maraschino . . . ?

        1. re: orangeflower

          I actually picked up Maraschino (Luxardo) at Ace when I was there to get the Violette :) I think you can also find it at Montgomery County DLC stores.

          1. re: GinChevyChase

            That Maraschino can be used for an awesome Martinez, my drink of choice these days.