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Dec 10, 2008 10:46 AM

Fresh Horseradish - SEA

Does anyone know who sells fresh horseradish in Seattle?

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  1. I've purchased fresh horseradish at Ballard Market a number of times. I can't attest to it's availability through the seasons, but anytime I've wanted it, I've found it there!

    1. Farmer's Markets are a good bet for horseradish root. PPC, Uwawjimaya or Ballard Market might also be good places to look.

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      1. re: mrnelso

        Did mrnelso mean PCC (Puget Consumers Coop)? It where I always buy fresh horseradish around Passover (in spring). Maybe not at this time of year.There are no farmers' markets in winter except Saturday in the U District, or Pike Place, which at this time is mainly a resellers market..

        1. re: RandyB

          There is also the Ballard Farmers Market and the West Seattle Farmers Market in winter. I haven't seen horseradish in Ballard recently, but I would ask at Rockridge Orchards booth at either Ballard or U-dist as they grow a lot of specialty stuff.

      2. I saw fresh horseradish down at Pike Place Market this morning. I think it was at Frank's, but probably at the other high stalls as well.

        1. Uwajimaya (Seattle) had it today, too.

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          1. re: Jeri L

            Uwajimaya also had fresh wasabi root ($59 per pound).