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Dec 10, 2008 10:25 AM

ghirardelli chocolate - in bulk?

In the midst of doing my christmas baking, and one of my recipes calls for 11.5 ounces of 60% bittersweet girardelli chocolate (amazing, right?!). However, it's not cheap - unless you can direct me somewhere where it is!

Is there somewhere it's sold in bulk form? I live in midtown Toronto - but need enough of the stuff that I'd be willing to travel (a bit).


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  1. you can try the Lindt warehouse. I bought a 1.2 kg box of the 60% individually wrapped wafers. Since it's whatever they are clearing out, you won't always find it.

    There are locations in Mississauga and near Markham and Finch.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      i second the Lindt warehouse -- they have/had a large bag of ghirardelli available when i was last there a few weeks ago

      i too live midtown toronto but made the trek to the outlet near derry and hwy 10 in mississauga to buy

    2. You might want to try Domino's in St. Lawrence Market

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      1. re: canadianbeaver

        I haven't seen Ghiradelli in bulk at Domino's, but they do have slabs of Callebaut (which is most excellent) for about $17/kilo. (I am carless and downtown, and so have never made it to the warehouse - no idea how this compares with the deals there, but relative to downtown stores I find that to be reasonable.)

      2. Here is the Scarborough Lindt warehouse address.
        Note that the map is inaccurate, and you will have to travel north on Markham, below Finch, on the west side

        Lindt Chocolate Boutique
        2250 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1B, CA

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        1. re: jayt90

          Where can I find Ghiardelli bars in York region. Markham or Richmond Hill would be good. Or that area. Thanks.

        2. Jonvince on Steeprock has 5kg bars of Callebaut at a fairly good price.

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          1. re: bigpestle

            Just Googled Jonvince...which is really spelled Johnvince. Any how it's in Downsview. Closer but if I can find it in maybe Concord, or Richmond Hill, Thornhill....etc....

          2. there's also a Lindt outlet/store on Queensway a little west of Kipling (in the same plaza with the Golftown and Futureshop)

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            1. re: ssainani

              Thanks for mentioning that, I didn't know about that location. Now I have another place to visit on my trips to Cheese Boutique and San Remo Bakery!

              Cheese Boutique
              45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA