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Dec 10, 2008 10:08 AM

Momofuku Milk Bar -Cornflake/marshmallow & chocolate chip cookies

Has anyone had one yet?!

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    1. I thought this was one of the worst cookies I've had in a long time. Incredibly dense (not in a good way), overwhelming butter flavor, cornflakes were stale and chewy, edges were crispy/crunchy and tasted like they had been deep fried in butter. Sacrilegious when wonderful ingredients are thrown together in such excess and haphazard nature

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      1. re: ilovebrioche

        I actually loved it—to each his own! Such junk food! So greasy! Great stuff!

        1. re: maggiej

          I liked it too! And I'm definitely going back for more of that crack pie.

      2. My favorite was the COMPOST cookie-OMG!!! Died and went to HEAVEN. I bought an assortment for friends all who requested I pick up more for them!!!

        1. Conflake/marshmallow cookies are actually one of the few things I really do like there, especially when they are warm. I find much of their stuff to do be too sweet, but this cookie hits the spot. It has a great gooey consistency you don't find in cookies normally.