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Dec 10, 2008 10:04 AM

Ole Mole Stamford going downhill fast...

I don’t know if anyone has eaten at Ole Mole Stamford lately but the food portions and quality have fallen off fast. We go there quite often and the last few times, the food was not as fresh/good and noticeably smaller. We went again last night and our favorite, the Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla, tasted like it was made with prepackages slices of American cheese...totally inedible.

Needless to say, I won't be going back. Anyone else notice this collapse of what was always a go-to place in Stamford?

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  1. All I can say is that I had the misfortune of eating at the one in Darien and it was dreadful. They should be locked up for crimes against mexican cuisine even if it is tweaked for the american suburb. Vile place.

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    1. re: Scotty100

      Ole Mole used to be such a great place sorry to hear these reports.

    2. maybe there losing their touch, or bit off more they could chew with all the new locations. but i heard they already sold the fairfield location to garden catering. but, that being said, mrs. special and i ate there(stamford) last month, and it was less than good, and a little pricey, and basically empty.

      1. I used to work on High Ridge Rd. and ate at Ole Mole at least once per week. I stopped in two weeks ago and noticed that my favorite Quesadilla San Miguel wasn't up to par. And yes, the portions seem smaller, and they did away with their excellent Quesadilla to-go container which kept the product from getting soggy. As for price, it's always been high.

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          I miss those quesadilla containers too! I always get the Sedona take out and lately it's been a soggy mess. Oh, I think they are using more cheese and less other stuff!