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Dec 10, 2008 09:08 AM

Visiting Calgary from Toronto

I’ll be in Calgary over the holidays and would love some spots for yummy food. Doesn’t have to be fancy. When I visited for the first time 2 years ago my friend took me to the following places listed below. Feel free to make some recs for places based on the kinds of places we visited.

Thumbs up:
Peter's Drive In. I really enjoyed this place.
Tandoori Hut. Pretty darn good.
Tom’s House of Pizza. Loved the spiced pepperoni.
Pies+. Good, but didn’t go nuts for it.
Cheesecake Café. Good, but didn’t go nuts for it. But loved those cookies.
Cactus Club Café
Randy’s. For breakfast…just normal standard breakfast fare but done well I thought.

Mixed review:
Murietta’s: Loved the lamb meatball spaghetti, wouldn’t rush back for anything else.

Disappointed me:
Vintage Chop House

I’ve heard Redwater is good and I would love to find some decent sushi, donairs (which we really don't have much of in Toronto for some reason), bakeries, or good fast food, but any and all recs are welcome. Finally, any good places for some ribs, BBQ, or carnivore delights?


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  1. try Sky 360 at The Calgary concept at the top.
    totally contemporary casual.....rad place.

    The sunday buffet is great too.

    good luck!

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    1. You might want to try Diner Deluxe or Big Fish (or both)

      I don't think that there's a BBQ place in Calgary that we consistently agree is good.

      I like the Bear's Den for steak. It's in the price range of Vintage Chop House.

      Joey Tomato is in the Cheesecake/Redwater line but has some really good items like burgers and lettuce wraps.

      You'll get lots of recommendations for sushi. I like Globefish, Wa's and Momoyama.

      1. For bakeries, I would definitely try Manuel Latruwe on MacLeod Trail. While you're there, try the French deli next door called L'Épicerie for macarons and pâté, and visit the Bernard Callebaut store (this building is actually the main production facility).

        Other great bakeries and dessert houses include Brulee (amazing cookies and cakes), Ladybug inside the Calgary Farmers' Market (a newer location is out in the 'burbs), DeVille in Art Central (more of a coffee shop but supplied with excellent pastries from the Saint Germain restaurant), and Nectar Desserts in Inglewood (I personally prefer the tarts and find the dessert plates over-priced).

        The Calgary Farmers' Market, Art Central, and Inglewood are all fun places to visit in Calgary for more of the local culture, but really, I'm sure there are areas or places like them in Toronto that are more diverse and deep on selection.

        Bitte schön!

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          1. Guacho's Brazilian BBQ for the carnivore in you... Go for lunch or the weekend when it is fresher.

            Divino's (search the board).

            Amin's donairs (hole-in-the-wall downtown).

            What atkivistin said for bakeries - they are different then say Dufflet's in TO.

            +1 - Joey Tomato's, Diner Deluxe, Big Fish, Globefish, Mango Shiva