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Dec 10, 2008 09:00 AM

Dinner in Cape May

Heading down to CM this Saturday to do some shopping with a girlfriend. We are looking for a place for dinner Saturday night. Nothing romantic, somewhere with a bar, and even live music (not a deciding factor though). I guess we are looking for more of a place to have a great meal, some drinks, that has a nice ambience. Something more upscale than Ugly Mug though.

I've had lunch at Lucky Bones and thought maybe that place would fit criteria. Also wondering about Moonfish Grill.


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  1. Dani:
    For a bar, live music and nice ambiance, the rooms at Congress Hall are hard to beat (never tried the food, though). A great meal is a short walk from there at the Mad Batter. If you have lunch at Lucky Bones, shop on Washington Mall, and walk from Congress Hall to Mad Batter, you'll be re-tracing our path on Tuesday! That took a lot of the annoyance out of Christmas shopping.

    1. The Blue Pig at Congress Hall is better than LB and upscale casual but not really fancy, and they have a club downstars that may have live music, and a nice bar in the lobby of the hotel, so that may fit all your needs. Otherwise, it is close enough for you to walk to other venues in town with music after dinner.

      1. Yeah...I was actually going to mention The Blue Pig. Cool place. Martini Beach may be an option for you. They have pretty good food and a bar. And if that bar isn't happening enough for could always just walk down the steps and head into Carney's, which is an actual bar that has bands.

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          Yeah. Carney's is what i was thinking of too. Just don't eat there.

        2. thanks everyone for suggestions. i will report back.

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            dani0622, I have been wanting to see Cape May and want to thank you for this thread. I plan to take the ferry over during the holidays. I am wondering about The Lobster House. I really like the Mad Batter website. I will be sure to check back to read your report! Gosh, I think you will have beautiful weather.

            1. re: Lewes17266

              The Lobster house has always been a favorite of mine. Great atmosphere (at least in the summer) and lots of dining options to choose from. My only problem has been the food. The last time I went, which was before it burned down, my king crab was salty and no so fresh.

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                Do NOT eat at the Lobster House unless you're looking for overpriced mediocre food served in depressing 60's era decor. I have a house in CM. I can't think of anyplace in Lewes that is as bad at that for comparison. Black Duck (BYO) in West Cape May is very good and open weekends. The Ebbit Room at the Virginian is pricey but good. Or the Merion Inn. Just abut any place would be better than Lobster House, even Lucky Bones across the street which is OK but not rediculously priced. I have had good breakfasts at the Mad Batter but have not eaten there for lunch or dinner.

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                  Thank you, Ellen and njchowgal. I will avoid The Lobster House.

            2. Headed down to CM for the day on Saturday. Stopped for breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast places, Mad Batter. Overall, pretty good as usual. Had the Morgan Rostie - an omelet with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted potatoes, swiss cheese and crab meat. It was good, but my favorite is the crostade, which my friend had - eggs with pepperjack cheese, veggies, meat, over Texas toast.

              We ended up in AC at night so we had dinner at Buddakan in The Pier mall. Very enjoyable meal. Not the best I've ever had but I would certainly return. Started with edamame raviolis which were little pillows of goodness, the light sauce they were in was lost though. We then shared the tuna tataki and roasted duck. Both very good. For dessert we shared the donuts, looked like little beignets. Very good, but the standout was the banana sauce it was served with. The chocolate sauce was unmemorable. Nice atmosphere as well.