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Dec 10, 2008 08:49 AM

Acasa Roumanian - what to order

Going for lunch. What should I get? I have a yugoslavian friend with me, he knows the cuisine well. Any specific suggestions?

Lamb pastrami sounds great.

Their menu is here:

48-06 Skillman Ave, Queens, NY 11104

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  1. I agree 2 slices, It looks pretty tough, not much to order.

    1. Is it the old Cornel's space? I haven't been to Acasa, but used to love the papanasi.

      1. Disclaimer: I haven't been to Acasa in quite a few months.

        Other than the lamb pastrami - beans or cabbage w. smoked pork, mushrooms in white sauce, polenta/cheese/sour cream and eggs, or fried diced pork w. garlic (it's not heavy). Definitely try the zacusca/roasted vegetables spread. Also, ask them what's the special of the day (the website is not updated).

        Cornel's old place is 2 blocks down from Acasa.

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          I had one meal at Acasa soon after it opened which was beef stew and it was good. Had lunch once at Romanian Garden (cornel's) and really liked it. Place was crowded with Romanians. This place has lots of Old World Atmosphere plus very good Romanian Beer. I like both restaurants. I'm no authority on Romanian food so felt both meals were very good and reasonable prices. I plan to return soon to Romanian Gardens simply because I like that Old World Charm and the waitress was so very helpful.

          1. re: Mike V

            Very helpful, eh?

            Romanian Gardens does a really good ciorba de burta and their polenta with cascaval is nice as well, but their food can be a bit hit or miss. Keep it simple and then it's good. I was using it mostly as a Romanian speaking class when I was learning Romanian a couple of years ago.


            P.S. Go to Massis and the Sunnyside branch of the Ridgewood Pork Store while in the area!

        2. I got the lamb patrami which was good. But it tasted more like a pork chop. Was heavily spiced and I enjoyed it, but it was not at all what I expected.

          My friend got the duck with steamed cabbage. It was enormous. At least half a duck and came covered in very soft steamed cabbage which reminded me of a dish I've had at alot of Polish restaurants but of coursing I'm blanking on the name.

          I'd go back and try more, but I wasn't floored by anything.

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          1. re: 2slices

            I forgot to warn you that the pastrami is not the kind of pastrami you get in a deli. It's basically grilled salt cured meat - traditionally very salty to go with the new wine, it's a fall thing.

            The Polish dish would be Bigos?

            1. re: RedVelvet

              Bigos is done with duck???

              I'm going to probably give Acasa a shot for lunch (if I have time) as I have to be in the area today. If I can't do it after all, I'll at least check out the Ridgewood Pork Store branch for the first time in about a year and see if anyone I know from the other store's in.

              Romana mea e mult rau acum :( I could barely spy on a Romanian cell phone conversation on the bus the other day, meanwhile I was fluent two years ago.

              1. re: JFores

                I thought 2slices referred to the stewed cabbage when he said it reminded him of a Polish dish - hence I thought of Bigos. They're not really similar, the stewed cabbage has no mushrooms or what else you'll find in Bigos, it's just plain stewed cabbage. The duck that comes with it is roasted (and in my past experience, very tender), the cabbage is just a side dish.
                At Sunnyside Meat Market (the name of the branch) you'll find Jonel's mother, she's there everyday. He (or his father) does show up sometimes, but not that often. Let us know how your trip went.

                1. re: RedVelvet

                  i really like their Filet de Porc, all the grilled meats i've had there have been good, nicely spiced and tasty... the schnitzel is pretty good, too... the cold salad plate is solid as well...