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Mid-Westchester cozy Italian for Saturday night?

It's our anniversary, and DH craves Italian. Looking for cozy, not too pricey, and of course chow-worthy! I am leaning to Buon Amici for convenient location, good prices and from what I remember a pleasant, tablecloth atmosphere, but I must admit the posted menu on their web site did not excite. We think the food at Lia's in Hartsdale is very good, but it is not a cozy spot. Ate at La Bocca this summer and thought the food was excellent, but the prices are way too high. Last year we tried Tre Angelina for our anniversary and the food was good, but the service was shaky. We were surrounded by noisy holiday party tables that took over the room, and we were completely ignored. OK, our fault for getting married at holiday time, but gee whiz, we were paying customers also....

So, any sweet spots I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not far from mid-Westchester, Centro at the Old Mill in Greenwich.

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      Thank you, Dim Sum Diva! Just looked at heir menu -- DH will love the mixed grill!

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        I haven't been to Centro in a long time--but I don't remember it as being cozy. The food was ok, the seats terribly uncomfortable and lots of noisy kids to contend with.

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          I didn't find it cozy either. My choice would be Buon Amici.

      2. Bar Vivace in Mamaroneck accross from the train station. Good reviews, cozy, not pricey, excellent wine selection and attentive service.

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          Take a look at Rosies Bistro in Bronxville. Been there numerous times and the food is always great as is the atmosphere.

        2. Check out La Fontanella in Pelham. A great special occasion Italian place.

          1. Piero's in Port Chester. Excellent food and excellent service. Peter is the perfect host!

            1. A lot of restaurants have been mentined here and many of them have good food but if you want that Italian food and you want it to be cozy don't pass up Il Teatro in Mamaroneck. Sra Swanky mentioned La Fontanella in Pelham. That is one of the tops but if you want the same superb food but you want it in a cozy place, go to La Fontanella's sister restaurant, Il Teatro.

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                Superb Italian food? Il Teatro, the old sushi place? I have to try it. Red sauce or Northern?

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                  Il Teatro is northern Italian food with Adriatic specialties. If you blindfolded me, took me to either La Fontanella or Il Teatro and served dinner I would not be able to distinguish the serving restaurant. However, the two are very different in tone. Il Teatro excels in being cozy while La Fontanella bounces with energy. My mood will take me one night to one and another night to the other. I find both extremely pleasant with good gracious service and superb food.

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                    Thanks, Sonnyno. Both of those are on my 'must try' list too. When it comes time for choosing, we don't seem to move beyond Mamma Francesca, an excellent restaurant of course.

                    I'm still trying to get to Piccolo Mulino as well.

              2. I like Piccolo Mulino in Mamarnoeck. You may find it a bit too cosy though as it's a small restaurant. I think it's a far better value than Bar Vivace, which I think is overpriced for what you get (although the service is great) and Il Teatro, which doesn't have such great service.

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                  I knew I could count on you all for great suggestions!! We are going with Piccolo Mulino, and will definitely report back.
                  I went to the Fontanella web site -- the menu does not have prices. I could not find a web site for Il Teatro. Once I get the price info, one (or both) of them may be our next venture. Piero's also sounds intriguing.

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                    We had a lovely dinner at Piccolo Mulino. They have a prix fixe which includes soup/salad, selected entrees, dessert. I think it was $22 --very reasonable for the amount of food and the good quality that we had. It's not available on Sat nights.

                    Enjoy your dinner--and Happy Anniversary!

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                      Thanks again all for wonderful suggestions! Here is my Piccolo Mulino report:
                      Summary: lovely meal, priced right, will definitely return.
                      Longer report:
                      Definitely cozy! a very small dining room, sitting maybe 30-35. Looked sort of crowded and cramped when we came in ( 7 pm reservation), but crowd thinned out within the hour, as it appered many were headed to the Emelin theatre (remember this to time future visits).
                      A warm, friendly welcome, even though we were new faces.
                      Nice array of specials rounding out the printed menu. We went all out, orderimg more than we usually do. We each had a glass of red wine of our choice, $7 -- and yes, dolores -- a generous pour!
                      Good, crusty warm bread brought to table promptly - slight delay on the olive oil.
                      Split a special appetizer of broccoli rabe and sweet sausage sauteed with garlic -- beautifully balanced tastes, delightful! ($8.95)
                      Split a Ceasar salad ($7.95), very well excecuted.
                      DH had the veal parm of his dreams ($19.95) and I had the special veal milanese -- thin, meltingly tender with a crisp crust just as it should be, heaped with arugula, halved grape tomatoes and slivered red onion ($23.95). Oh yum.
                      Small dishes of spaghetti came on the side, with a judicious amount of well-flavored tomato sauce.
                      We succumbed to dessert -- I had homemade flan (rich, tasty), DH had tartuffo and we both had cappuccino. total tab before tax and tip was $94. We ate this over the course of two hours, and left feeling maybe a bit too full (our fault) but very, very happy. When I eat well I get this insane grin that my DH refers to as the cheshire cat look..... this meal made the grade.

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                        Nice review, VFresser, the meal sounds very good. I hope they stay around long enough for me to get there.