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Dec 10, 2008 08:38 AM

90% cocoa chocolate: will it make good chocolate chips in cookies?

I bought this 90% cocoa chocolate bar which is too bitter to eat straight. Just wondering if it would be good chopped up and put in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Would that just make bitter chocolate chip cookies or do you think that would be ok? I wonder whether it would be better served cooked or baked into something else.

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  1. I don't think I would enjoy chocolate chip cookies with chips that dark/bitter, but some people might. If I had the chocolate I would use it to make brownies. This is my fav. recipes right now:

    1. You *technically* bought baking chocolate, but there are a lot of people out there like me that like chocolate that is seriously not sweet. So, yes, I think it would be a great foil to the sweetness of say, the toll house recipe. But then, I love to munch on the Lindt 85% bars. If you like your chocolate sweeter - put the bar into a pan of brownies.

      1. That depends on how much sugar is in the recipe you want to try. What percentage really comes down to is that in your 90% bar, 10% is added ingredients such as sugar and vanilla and preservatives while 90% is cacao products such as cocoa liquor and cocoa butter etc. So basically, as someone else mentioned, you've got baking chocolate on your hands - very bitter, but with the right amount of sugar in that cookie recipe, these should be some pretty good chocolatey cookies!

        1. If it is too bitter to eat straight, it is too bitter to eat in small chunks - unless a person really likes that contrast.

          It is probably better in a baked item that calls for melted baking chocolate, or grated chocolate. For example, a few times I've made a flourless cake, that uses ground walnuts, grated chocolate, and eggs (and sugar).

          1. Similar to what chokolag pointed out. It's all about the balance. If you find the chocolate already to bitter for regular consumption, then it would be probably almost as bitter. "Almost" because of the added sugar in the cookie recipe. You might try bumping up the amount of sugar in the cookie recipe to balance out the bitterness with a greater amount of sweetness. There's probably a science to how the balance it out but that I do not know. good luck.