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Dec 10, 2008 08:17 AM

Good Wine Buys for under $10.00?

I heard the married couple who write the WSJ Tastings column on the radio last night and they got me all inspired. They suggested wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa as good bets for under $10.00.

I was amused when they stated that you should steer clear of "the critter labels"!

Any good suggestions?

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  1. I do question the appropriateness of this posting and would be understanding if it were not permitted, but do find that in the sub $13 range, there are a good many deals to be had at Bauer Wines at the Mass. Ave end of Newbury Street. The management there are knowledgeable and helpful even when you're trying to stay at the low end of their range.

    1. Since you posted on the Boston board, I'm assuming you want Boston-specific answers, so here goes:

      * After the the Globe ran its Plonkapalooza article ( ), a number of local wine shops started prominently displaying bottles from the list. Of the places I've seen that are doing this, Federal Wine in Boston is my favorite all-around shop.

      * The Wine and Cheese Cask in Somerville has a really nice selection of inexpensive wines. I'm especially partial to what I've dubbed the "magic wine fridge", which is chock full of great-value whites, but they also have a number of good QPR reds. A few that come to mind from the WACC: many primitivos (aka Italian Zinfandels), such as A Mano and Flaio, Las Rocas garnacha (the QPR darling of the moment), and a 3L $28 box of not-great-but-ok Cotes du Rhone.

      Best advice if you have the cash on hand: talk to someone at a wine shop you trust and put together a mixed case. You'll get a discount (probably 10 or 15%), and they can tailor it to your tastes. You'll save money, and your palate will thank you.

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        The Wine and Cheese Cask also runs "Wines of the Month" specials which are always under $10. Get on their mailing list or just check out their website. It is a good way to learn what you like and also if your taste follows their descriptions. We have been going there for years so have learned to trust their descriptions for our taste.

      2. Try "Alamos". They are a winery in Argentina. They have a fantastic Chard-- nice and buttery (the '06 is particularly good if you can still find it) and a great Malbec. Both for $10. Can be found at Martys or Brookline Liquor Mart... prob some other places too.

        1. If you can get a bottle or Rioja, any brand, for under $10 it usually constitues a good buy. Increase that a few dollars and you can get some superb Rioja for $13-$14. Derby Street Liquors in the Derby shops in Hingham as a nice, if small, selection of Rioja.

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            My current favorite moderately priced rioja is Bodegas Lan Crianza, which usually can be found for under $13.00. I've found it both at Bauer's and at Blanchard's.


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              I've been drinking the Marques De La Concordia for about a year now; it's my favorite. Easily found at Derby Street in Hingham for $12.99.


            2. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

              You can never go wrong with a good rioja. I've been going to Bin Ends in Braintree lately. It's sort of a Filene's Basement for wine. Picked a box of 6 1996 Torre Rioja for a great price. (Sorry not in the $10 dollar range, but a good deal.) They have a lot of wine in the $10 - $20 dollar price range

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                I noticed Bin Ends a few weeks ago when we were shopping for a baby crib. It seems like the type of place that is goign to suffer from a severe lack of exposure to the general public. unless you have a reason to drive up that industrial road- you'll never know it's there. Didn't go in but what's their concept? do they buy closeouts from other stores and discount to the public?

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                  That's pretty much it. Close-outs from stores and distributors. Occassionally a distributor has one or two cases they haven't sold, so Bin Ends snags them at a discount. They also carry licquor and beer. Not sure how long they'll last, but i've found some pretty good buys there.


              Cambridge Wine at Fresh Pond next to Whole Foods has some very helpful folks working there who can definitely recommend good wines under $10 based on your preferences - the store is large and they have a wide selection at this price point.

              Cambridge Wine & Spirits
              202 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02138