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Dec 10, 2008 08:13 AM

East Village Saturday Night for six

My husband is playing a show in the east village on Saturday night and I am looking for a good east village restaurant that will easily take a party of six with not a long wait (need to finish around 8pm). Having lived in the east village years ago, I am some how having a hard time remembering the restaurants I use to love to go to.

Restaurant needs to be cheap to moderate..most of the party will eat anything except there has been a request for no asian influenced menus.

The show is located around 14th st between A and B, so we do not want to walk to far away.


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  1. Gnocco is a solid Italian place on 10th between A and B. They take reservations.

    1. Try The Redhead, used to be a great jazz place called Detour. 13th btw 1st and A.

      I was there when they were sampling their menu, really good soul food and great prices.

      I happen to be a redhead, but the food is great.

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        Redhead has a set menu now which includes some specials. I'd describe it as southern influenced rather than classic soul food. The menu is available here.

        They don't do reservations for smaller groups and I'm not sure where your group of 6 will fall on their scale. Best to call them. Soon. They were written up in the NY Times today (see page 3) so they may be slammed. Even on a regular Saturday night they fill up early.

      2. Gruppo, Cafecito. I believe the latter takes reservations, but neither should be crowded at that hour.

        1. I love Dieci, and it has a $15 3-course sunset special that is an absolute steal