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Dec 10, 2008 07:56 AM

State College, Chopstick Express

Chopstick Express -- how do I love thee! Let me sing the praise of your food, so that it shall reverberate from Mt. Nittany to Port Matilda. Hear me, Happy Valley, for I have found Sichuan Heaven right on my doorstep!!!

Ignore the American-Chinese menu offering the same-old, dumbed-down day-glo HFCS glop of deep-fried somethings over rice.

Instead, turn to the Chef's Specialties and thank me for the rest of your life. Like me, you will dream of the soft, pillowy deliciousness that is Ma Po Tofu, and you will crave it like crack-cocaine. You will suck down the Cold Sliced Pork despite the heaping piles of fresh and fried garlic, and the frightening amount of chili oil. You will revel in the highly addictive Hot & Spicy Pork like there is no tomorrow. You will slurp down the last Stir-fried Green Bean, even though you stopped being hungry half an hour ago.

Bring *at least* two friends, thus enabling you to order a stunning array of dishes to share, and -- despite your original plan to NOT stuff yourself to the gills -- roll home, barely capable of uttering another word, except maybe for a delirious "sooo -- Chopstick Express again tomorrow???"

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  1. Was in town two weeks ago and walked past there. Wondered how it was these days. It's been around a long time -- since at least my college days in the mid-80s. Thanks for the review. Will be sure to stop by there the next time I'm in Happy Valley -- hopefully soon.

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      Yeah, I heard it's been around forever, but apparently the owners changed a while ago. I've walked past this 'greasy spoon' for 7 years, until a Chinese friend enlightened me. Now I cannot get enough ..... I am not kidding, I start drooling when I think about their food --

      And it's just so fantastic to get decent Chinese food without having to drive to the next big city...

      1. re: linguafood

        Now I really can't wait to try it. I love little hidden gems like this. Next time I'm in town, Waffle Shop in the morning and Chopstick Express for dinner. There goes the diet!

        1. re: jme90

          That's the one thing I forgot to mention -- the goodies are only available for dinner, not lunch. Lunch is the regular Americanized fare.

          But after a Waffle Shop breakfast, you probably wouldn't be able to have lunch anyway '-)

          1. re: linguafood

            For sure...and if you're ever in Harrisburg and need a rec, let me know.

            1. re: jme90

              You betcha! Have you been to the Kendeffy vehicle Mounthill Tavern? Curious....

              1. re: linguafood

                No, I haven't, but after checking out the menu, it sounds like my kind of place, too. What have you heard about it and what do you know about Paul Kendeffy?

                1. re: linguafood

                  No, I haven't, but after checking out the menu, it sounds like my kind of place, too. What have yu heard and what do you know about the chef?

                  1. re: jme90

                    Well, I'm not sure if Paul is the one cooking at Mounthill Tavern. He's the owner / head chef at Zola's Bistro, imo the best restaurant in town. He's also taken over Gamble Mill in Bellefonte, but I haven't been there since it changed owners.

                    He also owns Alto in Lemont, an "Italian" restaurant. Not great.

                    Mounthill is his newest endeavour, so I was just curious if you had been. The food sounds a lot like the Z'ola fare, so it may be good.

                    He also may be spreading himself a bit thin lately --