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Looking for best Belgian beer for holiday gifts

I would like to get some of my buddies some bottles of good Belgian/trappist beer as small gifts for the holidays. What stores have the best options?

I know Beltway liquors on Loch raven has a good selection. And the Wine Source in Hampden does too, along with the one or two Brewers Art bottled beers.

Anywhere else?

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  1. Not in B'more. My brother the beer nerd says that the Perfect Pour in Columbia has a good selection and a wall full of seasonals.

    1. Clipper City does a Belgian-style ale called Holy Sheet. I've never had it, but I usually like their beers. The stores you mentioned definitely have the best selection.

      1. Have you considered contacting Max's and seeing if they can sell some of the larger bottles on a carry-out basis? I would think their selection would beat the Wine Source.

        Side note: Clipper City's Red Sky is a Belgian style. I love all their beers. They do a great mixed twelve pack that is available at the Wine Source.

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          Buy the Dopple style beers and you won't go wrong. They are rich and yummy and have all that you want in a Belgian beer. For a lighter style, buy Wits.

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            Not knowing much about Belgian beers, my favs are Leffe Blonde and Westmalle. I'm looking for new ones to try, and give as gifts.

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              You have to go to the Perfect Pour if you're around Columbia. I was shocked at their beer selection, especially both their Belgian and Christmas specific selection. It's overwealming, and so much better than the large selection of easy to find beers as places like Corridor.

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                I think Perfect Pour probably has the largest selection in the state. It's amazing.

        2. If you can make it to a Total Wine (I know there are a bunch in NoVa, not sure about MD) they have a pretty great selection and some good seasonal stuff too.

          1. The Total Wine in McLean, Virginia has a pretty good selection. (I'm not a big beer drinker though so I don't know what a "big" selection would mean.) My boyfriend really enjoys Belgian beer though and likes what they have to offer. They let you mix and match individual bottles into a 6-pack so you can even do that as a sampler and let your recipients decide for themselves. I personally really enjoy Hoegaarden.

            1. As a side note, I saw an ad in this week's City Paper that said that Brewer's Art Resurrection Ale is now available in bottles. Not sure where you can buy it, but I'd be real surprised if Perfect Pour and Wine Source don't have it.

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                I spoke to someone at the brewery today, and they said the Resurrection will ship to retailers next week. One would assume that any retailer interested in craft beer would get some. As far as retailers for Belgian beers, I would recommend Wine Source, Wells, Perfect Pour and State Line in Elkton as the largest selections. Old Vine also has some nice stuff if you are in the Mt. Washington area.

              2. Great gift! Well's Liquors on York Road has a great selection of Belgians, including my favorite, Brugges Zot. The Wine Source is great as well and has a better layout and fantastic service.

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                  Brusges Zot is a decent blonde. I took a tour of the place... just a big old farm house in the middle of the city is where all the brewing happens. it really is a cool place. I did a Belgian beer discovery vacation last fall. I would be happy to make any suggestions.
                  As for retail outlets, Rustico on Slaters Lane just South of National Airport sells a lot of Belgian beers retail.

                2. The Year End brews at Trader Joe's produced by Unibroue are one option.