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Dec 10, 2008 07:46 AM

Black Licorice

In the old days, before I was shomer kashrus, I loved a brand of Finnish licorice called Salmiakki (spelling may be a bit off). Small lozenges, of salty-ish licorice gums that were sooooooo good.

I tried a few other Scandinavian brands (Lakerol comes to mind) which were almost as good.

I cannot find anything kosher which resembles these. Any clues out there??

I will declare my undying appreciation to whoever can find one for me.

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  1. Try this

    It's a Dutch salt licorice that is gelatin free. Actually, I did a search for kosher licorice at their site and came back with 11 pages of results, so you may even find another brand.

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    1. re: LisaPA

      Thank you for the effort but, after exploring the site, it appears that the search engine showed you all licorice results - a search for "kosher" comes up empty.

    2. (in locations around the USA) carries "Scotty Dogs" which are certified OU (or Kof-K) parve. I believe they are made of the real McCoy authentic black licorice. Each piece is in a really cool dog shape, and the price per plastic tub is very reasonable. Enjoy!

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      1. re: midasgold

        I've had these; they are not salty in any sense. To me, they taste like any other black licorice I've ever had.

        1. re: queenscook

          Oh well, sorry, Queens Cook... I hope you at least enjoyed the novelty shape; after all, it's much better (and more kosher) than eating dog the Korean way! :-)

      2. i believe i saw it at jerry's outlet in engelwood

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        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          I know what you're talking about as no one loves licorice like the Dutch. There, what you're talking about is called salmiak. They look like a brown sugar cube (a very unpleasant surprise for those who don't like licorice!). The following Dutch brands carry salmiak and are approved by the Dutch rabbinate: Gaba, L├Ąckerol, and Nubilo.

          There are other brands approved that carry salt and double salt flavors that I can email you if you like.

          P.S. If you get them in non-US packaging, don't strain your eyes looking for a hecksher. We shop from a booklet/list of kosher foods.

          1. re: CloggieGirl

            Great post. Thank you. Do you know of a website for the Dutch kashrus authority?

            Or are you aware of any source of info so that I can make sure I am comfortable with their hashgachah?

            1. re: CloggieGirl

              After a bit of digging around, I found this link: .

              Once there, click on "Kosjer/ Kasjroet "...on the page that comes up, click on "KASJROETLIJST 5769" for a current listing of certified Dutch products.

              However, I am still trying to find out if it is hashgach I can rely on.

              1. re: szmeterling

                Just spoke to a Dutch acquaintance who has satisfied me that the hashgachah is reliable. So far, I've only been able to find the Lakerol available online. My only regret is that I believe the Lakerol has a bit of menthol added to it which, while not ideal for me, is a small price to pay for getting my long overdue liquorice fix.

              2. re: CloggieGirl

                that is so exciting! I always suspected that more european brands are kosher than we know; since none carry a hechsher, you guys have that list.

                DOes that mean that any licorice that I can find by the above 3 brands is kosher?

                1. re: rachelb99

                  According to the current list:

                  Gaba: wybertjes alle smaken
                  L├Ąckerol: salmiak, eucalyptus, cupa, yuzo, fruits and cactus (blue fruits is ongeoorloofd)
                  Nubilo: dropparels, droptruffels (m), honingdrop, mintparels, salmiak

                  Good luck

            2. You can purchase Darrell Lea soft licorice from Australia. It is available in the US in various packaging and flavors. i.e. Green Apple, Mango and of course Black. The 7 oz packages have a OU, but Trader Joe's also has 1 lb tubs (without the OU). i'm not sure if they are also under supervision, although ingredients etc are identical and both are imported from Australia.
              Btw, it is spelled LIQUORICE down under!
              Darrell Lea's website is