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Dec 10, 2008 07:41 AM

Las Vegas French or Cal-French

I am looking for a good Las Vegas French or Cal-French. I have been to Andre's and liked it, Alize two times and liked it the first time, not the second though. Robuchon and Savoy are too $$$ and Bouchon is for brunch.

I hear there is some restaurant off strip that local chefs frequent (?).

I went to that southern inspired one far off the strip in a mini mall that I did not care for either.

I would like a cozy room if possible, but thats trumped by good eats if there's a conflict. Thanks for suggestions in advance!

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  1. I believe that the restaurant off-strip that the local chefs patronize is called Raku and it's an izakaya - neither French nor Cal-French.

    DB Brasserie at the Wynn might fit the bill. Some like it (including me, though I think Bouchon is better), others don't.

    I have also enjoyed Fleur de Lys at Mandalay but maybe it's not quite as good as it had been. The room is gorgeous and seems intimate by Vegas standards.

    1. You might consider Todd's in Henderson; it's not too far off the strip, and it's really quite good and reasonable. However, I don't consider it terribly French...
      I had a good meal at Fleur de Lys earlier this year, and would continue to recommend it; I think it's a great room and the food is reliable and interesting.

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        Pamplemousse is classic old-school French. On E. Sahara about 1/2 mile east of Las Vegas Boulevard.

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          I'd put Todd's, on Sunset Rd. southeast of The Strip, somewhere in the Cal/French style. Not classic French, not quite Cal, but comfortably in between. Maybe light French touches in Cal recipes would more accurately describe it. At any rate, it's damn good - especially the fish and seafood dishes - with lots of complex, intense tastes. And good value as well (including the wine and beer lists). Your final bill won't rattle your teeth, as many of the joints on The Strip will. Your total, including wine, tax and tip, should put you at about $125-$150 a couple. Locally popular and deservedly so.

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            Ill take a look at Pamepelmouse and Todd's, thanks, I didn't like Bolud's menu and I didn't like Fleur des Lys in SF.

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              local places - definitely pamplemouse though i don't get it, i've eaten there twice and there was nothing grapefruit related on the menu ( of course, they don't have a menu - the server makes a big production of telling you the menu ) definitely old, old school ( if you liked andre's, you'll like pamplemousse )

              bistro - try josette's on flamingo - they also have a decent bakery at a different location.

              1. re: kjs

                After three visits, I gave up on Josette's about a year ago. It's a nice space with a definite French bistro vibe, and Josette herself is a charming woman, but the cooking is up and down. It can do basic dishes, like steak frites, respectably enough, but anything that seems to demand precision, like sole almandine, is a washout. The mainly French wine list, if I recall, is comprehensive, but is recited verbally - there's no overall printed list - without mention of prices. Be sure to ask the price of the bottle you want or you're in for a rude surprise when the bill comes. Las Vegas could use a decent, value-priced French bistro specializing in the tasty, straightforward dishes bistros are noted for, but I've yet to find one similar to the many I've found in Montreal, where two can dine well for $75-$100, tax and tip and wine included. In my experience - though remember, I haven't been there in a year - Josette's isn't it.

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                  Have you been to Marche Bacchus? I am generally happy with their food and I love what they do with the wine (pick a bottle and pay a ten dollar corkage fee). I would recommend it as a possibility, although I think you will continue to find the montreal alternatives (in this particular aspect) better (I loved the bistros I went to in Montreal....terrific places)