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Dec 10, 2008 07:31 AM

Good, Cheap Pizza Near NYU

I've been put in charge of planning a pizza party for students and locals this weekend. Most student groups order from Pizza Mercato, which is just this side of hellacious, so our group has traditionally ordered from John's as a sort of "treat" at the end of the year. Being a CHer, I'd like to try something a little different. Are there any recommendations for a pizzeria, preferably one that delivers, that stands above the rest for flavor and economy? We will be on 6th Ave.

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  1. I think Tre Giovanni on LaGuardia Place has excellent pizza at an affordable price.

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      Anyone else have feedback on Tre Giovanni or other good pizza parlors?

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        Tre Giovani was well-received; especially the thin-crust personal pizzas! Folks liked the taste of the pepperoni, though I found it a little gamey. Mixed vegetable would've done better to rely on the standard peppers, onions and olives than adding broccoli to the mix, but anchovies and mushroom were winners. Slices were big and heavy, very generous for the price!

      2. The Pizzeria on MacDougal was my favorite in my Hayden days at NYU (boy i feel old now). Though for a plain cheese I was a sucker for Bens. Also the original Rays pizza (better than the other crappy ones in my mind) is on like 6th ave and 9-10th(??) Hope it helps.

        PS I'm not certain about delievery at these places.. as I never ordered Delievery from them.

        1. THE PIZZA BOX-- bleeker betw sullivan and mcdougal. ive lived in the area for 4 years and always went to joes cause that was the best around. i still love joes but the pizza box is in the same league

          1. Bleecker Street Pizza! I love their Nonna pizza and sicilian slices. They definitely deliver.

            1. shouldnt even be an issue--goto joes