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Dec 10, 2008 07:29 AM

looking for the best resort in muskoka

either for the winter or summer. anyone out there familiar with that area and places to stay and eat? $$$ is no object. just want a high end relaxing vacation.

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  1. I would choose Inn at's a smaller deluxe resort with world class dining. There is more staff on hand than guests and most are trained and brought in from Europe. Beautiful golf course, spa, cooking classes, etc..

    Second to that, Taboo.

    I would recommend checking out their websites for more info..

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    1. re: burlgurl

      I agree with burlgurl. We had our (very small) wedding there. It was extraordinary and pretty much made it impossible for us to be impressed by the food, atmosphere, etc. of any wedding we've been to since.

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      1. Folks, please keep responses focused on places to eat in Muskoka. Quality of resort accommodations are off topic for Chowhound. Thanks!

        1. Def Taboo. Their food is amazing.

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