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Dec 10, 2008 07:24 AM

flatbush farm?


so, the night begins when we come in, and the bartender looks at us and seems perplexed. he then shoots a glance to the hostess who is somewhere in the distance, but she appears to be looking at something else. then the bartender, not knowing what to do, points across the bar to a free table for us to sit at. the restaurant is not crowded..

we seat ourselves. finally the hostess comes, who i guess is now donning a waitress cap. she asks us: "are you two sitting here?"
since we are in fact literally sitting there waiting, i say "yes." we make an effort to explain that we couldn't get her attention, and that we were told to sit down by the bartender. she graciously apologizes and brings us our menus.

finally we order. we share the house-cured bresaola. i love bresaola and i love salt-but this is too salty. it could use a a much less liberal showering of what were actually large-sized kernels of salt. they kind of annoyingly crunched in our mouths and compromised what was,for me, probably the best dish we ordered.

for an entree i order the gnocchi with (invisible?) pumpkin seeds, kale, and butternut squash, in a browned butter sauce. my date gets the burger.

beyond the gnocchi, this dish was okay...although a bit bland. the squash was al dente, the kale absorbed the sauce well, but i kept salting it and i finally asked for parmesan cheese to give it some kind of flavor. the gnocchi themselves were bad news. usually bad gnochhi hits the stomach like lead. these were strange: almost dry and floury. Allegedly they were made with ricotta cheese, but if they were it was completely undetectable. If anything they reminded me of a kind of heavy marshmallow or those large, orange peanut shaped marshmallows we'd eat as kids.

the burger was decent. i only had a bit of it. although i happen to think that a bun is an important aspect of a burger. it should hold up against the juiciest of meats. this bun seemed to disintegrate after her second bite. the meat seemed good although it was not the most flavorful. the fries were crispy and pretty great. i ate them i lieu of my gnocchi.

for a neighborhood spot, i wanted to like this place but for the prices it really doesn't hold up. my gnocchi were 18 bucks and for 14$ i could have been at al di la looking down at a plate of malfatti.

did i hit up this place at a bad time?

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  1. sorry you had a bad time, I can relate though. I'm a fan of Flatbush Farm, sometimes. It's a hit or miss type of place. For me, the French Dip is one of their better dishes and it is something they offer that no other spot in the area has. It's very well prepared and a sizable portion. On the other hand, the burger is always overcooked and served on a much too large bun for my taste. I had a similar experience with the gnocchi, small portion, lacking flavor and overpriced, but always love the artichoke dip, mac and cheese and chicken liver pate. The duck (not on the menu now) is delicious and the beer selection great. Never expect attentive service, but it is a great spot for a leisurely meal without interruptions. The restaurant tries to position itself as a more established spot, but I everything is better on the bar side. I find if you go with the right expectations it can be quite enjoyable, but other times it is easy to be disappointed. Oh and lastly, the bloody mary, served during brunch, is amazing.

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      ahhh...i thought about getting the french dip. maybe i will give it another try one day. and thanks for the tip about the bloody mary. i've been looking for a good one of those.

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        agreed about the bar side being better. It's a great place for a drink - always toasty warm in the winter - but the food can be totally hit or miss. When you've had a hit (I recall a great duck breast served with farrow and kale), it simply amazes you that the misses can be so bad. artichoke dip is nice, I've enjoyed the burger. I've had some boring salads and some misses at brunch (not hot enough). It's fine for the neighborhood but really not a destination.