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Dinner near UMass Boston

We are going to a function at UMass Boston and are looking for a light dinner afterwards. It will probably be around 9pm. Not looking to break the bank but a place with a liquor license would be welcome. Any ethnicity is welcome with the exception of Indian. TIA.

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  1. if you are driving then go to Avenue Grill at the intersection of columbia rd. and dorchester ave.small nice restaurant, frienldy staff with liquor license. the food is the best in the area. food style is american comfort, sandwiches, salads chicken,steak and pasta and totally worth the small amount of money you will spend.

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        I'll second 224. But a word of caution if you go, avoid anything over $16. My numerous dinners here have always lead me to belive that anything under $16 is always worth the money and ususally very good. Anything over that amount usually isn't worth the loot. A must have is the fried calamari app. Well fried and mixed with Calamata olives, Aruguala, Cherry tomatoes and lemon. It's delicious.

      2. At that time of night it would only be a 10 min drive to South End and even shorter to South Boston, which would offer a multitude of options. Just go to 93 and take the Mass Ave exit.

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          d bar 1236 Dorchester Ave (near Freeport.) Great drinks and creative food. Can be a little loud.

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            d bar has great food, but at around 9pm they remove all of the tables and it turns into a predominantly gay bar/nighclub, filled mostly with locals. It won't work at the time of night that the original poster requires.

            If you want to have dinner somewhere closer to 7pm, it's a wonderful choice.

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            Yes, thanks, but since we are heading home (Cape Cod) I would prefer not to go back into the city.

          3. Thanks for the ideas. Just what I am looking for. Don't know what I did before Chowhound.

            1. dBar
              Franklin Cafe
              Ashmont Grill (yes, I have changed my mind on it, finally)

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                Right across from UMass is the Savin Hill neighborhood. CF Donovans is a good pub type place. They have everything from good burgers and steak tips to Italian entrees and seafood.

              2. CF Donovans in Savin Hill is right around the corner from UMB. http://www.cfdonovansrestaurant.com/s...

                1. pho 2000 in fields corner.

                  and i'd also like to say i'm a proud of alum of umb!

                  1. 224 Boston is close, has a respectable bar, and it's a nice room, very warm and cozy in the cold months. They're consistent, the service is good, and the menu is more creative & higher end than the Avenue Grill or Donovans. I usually choose the Ashmont Grill, because I think it's the best in Dorchester -- and it's the same price range as 224. Most creative menu, best execution, great bar. And if C. Hamster's changed his mind on it, well, they must be hitting the ball out of the park pretty consistently lately ;-)

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                      Yes, yes. I was forced to go there about 2 months ago and had a surprisingly good meal, as did my friends. I went again -- only slightly reluctantly -- and had a great meal at the bar. So good, in fact, that I chose to go there willingly about 2 weeks ago. Excellent food and service at the bar. I'm getting to love that bar.

                      I still think it's too pricy for a place that wants to be a local, though.

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                        Agreed, about the bar, and the cost -- even though I've argued that it's fair pricing. I still think it is, but I'm now too broke to afford it very often, so, umm -- yes, it could be cheaper! I've had some really, really good meals at Tavolo, too, but something in me revolts at dropping $50 for a casual meal that includes a view of Ashmont Tire. I'll always prefer the AG patio & bar.