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Dec 10, 2008 06:54 AM

Komi - NY's Eve?

I've made New Year's Eve reservations for Komi - it will be our first time eating there. Its NY's Eve menu is $185 pp. (Normally $105 I believe.)
What do you think - would you do it or is it too much?

I called a couple of other places last week to try to make a comparison but they hadn't set their menu or their prices yet.
I believe I read on this board that someone was very happy with NY's Eve there (whereas going out for an occasion like Valentine's Day can often be disappointing as restaurants up their prices and then don't put their best foot forward).
Just looking for thoughts -- b/c I haven't told my hubby the price yet! :)

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  1. Does that include wine parings?

    1. Many restaurants inflate prices for New Years Eve. The problem is many can't deliver value or meet expectations on what is often an scaled back simplified menu.

      Komi is a exception! I recommend keeping your reservation and only wish I was lucky enough to have one.

      1. Does not include wine pairings - which we probably wouldn't add anyway.

        That's what I was hoping - I thought I'd read before that Komi would never let the ball drop on a holiday.

        I will try to find some other restaurants' inflated prices to compare before I let my husband in on the plan.

        1. A couple of years ago the price for New Year's Eve dinner was $125 for a five-course dinner, with a $90 wine pairing. That included things not on the regular menu (caviar, a champagne toast for those still there at midnight.) So the price has gone up sharply.

          My experience for the last two years on Valentine's Day has been absolutely stellar. But $185 pp before wine? That's heading into "yikes" territory!

          1. My husband and I went to Komi for New Year's last year and had one of the top three meals we've ever had. It's A LOT of food. There were at least 10 amuse bouche before the dinner even started. We did the wine pairings and I would definitely say it's worth it. We ordered the goat on a spit for our main course and it was outstanding. It was definitely the most expensive meal we've ever had. With tip it ended up coming out to about $650 for two of us. I don't know that I'd do it again, but I'm glad we did it.