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Dec 10, 2008 06:53 AM

Best place for Christmas Cookies in TO?

A little question here -- I wanted to get a good variety of Christmas cookies for a party, and I'd much rather they actually taste like home made (but of course, I'm not willing to be the one to home make 'em). ;) Any advice on the best bakeries to check in the city?

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  1. Try Holt Renfrew, they have an amazing seasonal cookie selection on the main floor nearthe handbag department.

    1. I just bought some at Marvellous Edibles on Laird. They not only look beautiful, they taste great, too. They have a second location, which is their bakery/cafe on St. Clair East (not sure where, exactly).

      1. If money is no object, look no further than Mary MacLeod's Shortbread on Queen E., just east of the DVP bridge. Amazingly good! Don't be fooled by the sweet old Scottish lady thing, she's a master baker/ business woman and very much deserves your business!

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          Mary's shortbread are my favourite cookies in TO! I always get her traditional shortbread, the mint chocolate crunch and the rolled coconut. The problem when I buy them though, is that I can't stop eating just one. REALLY bad for my waistline! When I was at the store around Thanksgiving, they had just received some of their new Christmas tins. I usually pick up a big tin to pig out on with family over the Holidays.