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Dec 10, 2008 06:52 AM

Potato pancakes for a crowd?

For the family Hanukkah dinner, I've been assigned to bring potato pancakes. I know the standard Jewish restaurants (like The Bagel) have them, but I have a feeling that good potato pancakes must also lurk in Polish delis on the north or northwest side. Anyone have any recommendations for take-out potato pancakes in the City?

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  1. If they don't have to be kosher, you can order them from The Red Apple (Polish) , 3121 N Milwaukee, 773-588-5781 or FAX 773-588-3975. They have carryout and they also cater so you could figure out which arrangement would best suit you depending on the quantity you need. If you need more than about 20 potato pancakes, there won't be enough on the buffet at one time to fill your need as they bring out stuff in small quantities, frequently.