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Dec 10, 2008 06:24 AM

Bike and nosh suggestions

We'll be in NO in January, staying in the French Quarter, and plan to rent bikes Friday or Sunday afternoon and cruise around noshing. Any suggestions for itinerary with lots of places to stop and grab a bite of any kind (dessert, snack, lunch)? I was thinking up and down Magazine (I only have Been Sweet cupcakes on the list so far). I assume more things would be open Friday afternoon than Sunday? Is it worth going over to Algiers? Thank you.

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  1. Uptown, I'd stop at Stein's Deli, St. James Cheese Company, Wine Seller, Savvy Gourmet, Blue Frog Chocolates and picnic in Audubon Park.

    if you head towards Marigny and the Bywater, I'd stop at Bacchanal and The Joint
    (the above site needs some updating, but it gives you an overview


    if you're here Jan. 17th, then stop at the Bywater Art Market:

    then there's the various neighborhood markets all around town:

    if you do take the ferry to Algiers, stop at Aunt Leni's Cafe and the Dry Dock Cafe:
    you could do the above walking tour on your bikes

    have fun, be safe, and get the name and # of a cab that can carry bikes if needed.

    1. Be careful biking on Magazine; it's not a super bike-friendly street, as it is narrow, has parallel parking down both sides, and is a bus route as well. Traffic isn't especially fast, it's just that people don't always keep an eye out for bikers. Edible's Mag St list below is a great start. I'd add La Divina Gelateria (light lunches, panini, killer gelato), Sucre (high-end pastry & chocolates). Both are on the downtown end of Magazine, not too far from Stein's deli.

      La Divina Gelateria
      3005 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        As aveteran of NOLA streets on a bike I suggest being VERY careful about parked cars--people will open a door right in front of you. If there is someone in the car, just assume they are going to open the door.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          thanks for the bike advice (and feel free to suggest great alternate routes... along with noshes along the way so it's CH on topic).

          I'm a veteran of 6000+ miles of cycling in and around Center City Philadelphia so I'm very comfortable with urban cycling and its challenges.

          1. re: JugglerDave

            I would bike on Camp St, parallel to Magazine, one block lakeside. Of course that would preclude window shopping, but there are large stretches of Magazine that are totally residential, it would be good to bypass those.

            And add Casamento's to the Magazine list. And La Boulangerie. Be careful, the roads here have to be seen to be believed.

            1. re: JGrey

              I have to agree absolutely with JGrey about Magazine, it's really crazy narrow and there is always so much traffic. Ditto on the cardoors... Also be aware that people rarely use their blinkers (my new york boyfriend still cannot get over how on the rare occasion people do have their blinkers on, they often turn the other direction). You can weave through any of the parallel streets, camp/coliseum etc and see some pretty neighborhoods, and just cut in for your grub. As for food rec.s on Magazine, it really depends what you are looking for, but I second Cassamento's, a classic joint (really should try the raw oysters) or lunch at Ignacious is a good one too and people are really liking Mahoney's poboys, that's a little further "downtown." (people give directions here very differently from the logical)

      2. Start out early with breakfast at Surrey's and have a beer at the Bulldog (just one with all the aforementioned perils of biking on Magazine).

        1. Reporting back. We rented a Schwinn cruiser tandem from Bicycle Michael's on Frenchman and had a great time. For a Friday early afternoon, we pretty much went west/uptown on Decatur and then Magazine. We stopped at "Sucre" for great desserts and amazing cupcakes, and then, after Cassamento's was already closed, double backed to Mahoney's Po-Boys for some fried oysters, fried green tomatoes, Abita beer and sweet tea. We continued down Magazine and looked at Blue Frog chocolates but didn't find it inspiring. We had passed "Surreys" and returned there on Monday for a good breakfast including some fantastic grits and biscuits. Thank you to all for your recommendations.