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Dec 10, 2008 06:18 AM

Best place in Berkshires near Lenox [moved from Boston board]

Where should I go to dinner over two nights in Lenox this weekend? Probably not prepared to drop Blantyre or Wheatleigh bucks (never been to either but Zagat's VE rating has put me off). Which is better for sushi, Fin or Bizen?


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  1. People have very strong opinions on this (I'm a Fin person myself). Check out the search function, you'll find a couple of recent-enough threads.
    Partly it depends on what you want and expect of sushi. Both places can be ear-splittingly loud and crowded. Price range roughly equivalent.
    BTW, if Zagat had a VVE rating --- Blantyre and Wheatleigh would both get it, but Blantyre is even more stratospheric. Some say it's worth the megabucks. Too rich for my blood, alas.
    If you're willing to forsake Lenox for Pittsfield, Brix is really a wonderful bistro. Otherwise favorites are Chez Nous (Lee) and Rouge (West Stockbridge).

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      A ditto to all Tsarina had to recommend, except I feel strongly that Fin is far better than Bizen. Have not been disappointed at Fin, which is not true of Bizen.

    2. Another Ditto to Tsarina's post!
      Brix isx on tap for us this weekend but you cannot go wrong at either Chez Nous or Rouge.

      1. FIN, absolutely...the food is great, and, the menu is iinteresting. Also, even if you are not a local, you are treated like one. Unlike at Bizen, the staff at Fin actually is quite friendly and willing to chat you up if you like.

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          What about Bistro Zinc? There or should we drive to Rouge?


          1. re: El Bishop

            Drive to Rouge, for sure...and there's a shortcut so it's not far.

            1. re: El Bishop

              Word is unfailingly good for Rouge and Chez Nous, which isn't always the case with Zinc. We always preferred Zinc at lunch to dinner; but haven't been there for either in a long time. Fin would be a good choice for the other meal (hint?) or you might want to get over to Brix, in Pittsfield. Neither place takes reservations, and it's easiest to get a table on the early side. (Or on the late side, if you're young and prefer to eat late.)