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Dec 10, 2008 06:05 AM

Fresh lobster in Chinatown

With all of the news about lobster prices being so cheap does anyone have a good recommendation on a place to buy live lobster in Chinatown? I'd prefer if they could steam it in the store as I want to make lobster rolls for dinner and I would like to have it cooled down by supper time.

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  1. I don't know where they steam lobsters, but the best prices I've found were at the seafood markets on Mott Street just north of Hester. I bought two decent lobsters there at $6.49/lb.

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      I doubt you'll find them to steam them on the spot in chinatown. I got Main lobsters 1.5 lbs each for 7.80 per pound. the LI lobsters are usually about a dollar cheaper per pound and are smaller. This was about a month ago so the price may be different (even cheaper?).

      If you want steamed lobsters maybe try chelsea market? i was curious as to the prices there after going to chinatown and they're frankly not much more expensive .50-1.00 more per pound I think. still quite inexpensive. They can steam them for a dollar per lobster there I believe.

      1. re: Renguin

        When I saw it last week it was $4.59/lb (the smaller ones)

        Go to the stalls on Mott Street (between Hester and Grand). They are better than the ones on Canal.

        No steaming anywhere in Chinatown

        1. re: Renguin

          Just came back from Chelsea Market--lobsters are 7.95 a pound and they will steam them for a dollar more. "culls" are 6.95 a pound (which I understand to be "slightly damaged" lobsters). Good deal, bought two and am trying to figure out what the hell to make. Since they are so cheap, perhaps its time to experiment with some of those less traditional lobster recipes!

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            Melissa Clark's writing makes my eyes bleed, but these recipes may appeal to you (see links on left side of page):