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Dec 10, 2008 06:05 AM

Reco's for Toscano on Charles St.?

So our office holiday party is at Toscano on Friday and we'll be able to order off the menu. Any recommendations? I'm thinking to stay in the pasta selections or perhaps the brick pressed cornish hen so as not to be too outrageous on the $$ side.

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  1. We go there every month or so after our discussion group at the Athenaeum. It's the place we settled on after trying others in the general neighborhood - Bin 26, 75 Chestnut, Lala Rokh, Sculley Square, Mooo, et. al. But still...the menu at Toscano is spotty, tending from the quite nice to the utterly bland. Our basic recommendation is to stick with one of the salads (there's a beet-based number that is wonderful) and a pasta entre.

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      That's funny-that's pretty much what I'd decided on-the beet salad and a pasta! Thanks.

    2. I enjoyed the risotto at Toscano. I was interested in whatever the special risotto was that evening (something with seafood, but I can remember the details) but the waiter also recommended the Funghi, so he let me split and do half and half. Both were really delicious.

      1. I've always enjoyed their zuppa di verdure.