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Dec 10, 2008 05:59 AM

Review of Solaris Grill in Center Square

We went out for a Birthday dinner to Solaris Grill. It's very close and we were interested to see what it was like, since it's fairly new to the area.

There were five adults and one child for a 6:00 Saturday dinner. We have eaten there in the past when it was LaBella Cuchina, so we were familiar with the inside and the appearance has not change much. The main dining room where we ate had maybe five groups of people, one group of around 8 and then groups of 2-3 people, so not crowded.

The menu is a strange combination of foods, they offer hibachi steak & spring rolls, fajitas & nachos, pasta & wings, steak & seafood. I felt I was looking at a diner menu, aside from the fact it's a huge single laminated sheet.

We waited for a while before a waitress approached us. The waitress was very slow, which was surprising since we saw two other waitresses around (not including the runners for the food). The time to receiving our food was very quick, but all other waitress interaction was sparse at best. (We passed on dessert because of a nearly 15min delay in bringing out the dessert tray).

Everyone in the group enjoyed their food. I got the sirloin steak, it was good (not amazing) but the size was smaller than I expected about 6-7oz. At first I thought they sent out the filet on accident. The asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes were very tasteful. I would say the food was decent for the price they charge.

I know what they offer now, and I doubt I'll go back. I'd rather spend the same somewhere else where the service is better.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this EE2000. I drive past there a lot and I was very curious. Anyone else been there recently? Are they open for lunch and do they have beer? Or byob? In these economic times they might not survive too much longer unless they step it up a bit. Maybe they will read this post.

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      I've been just recently and right after they opened. The experience right after they opened was dreadful. They had obvious service problems. The second time the service was good (although we sat at the bar). The drinks are generous and the food's decent, although I think somewhat overpriced. I'm pretty sure they're open for lunch.

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        Thanks Jdbc! Sometimes I just want to grab a quick bite in that general area. If I go, I'll sit at the bar.

    2. Terrible service marred fairly decent food at this spartan dining establishment. A lost (but unnecessary) Friday 6:30 reservation, tables obviously in need of wait-staff and a slow-to-arrive drink should have been a tip-off. House special Caparinha was easily worst I've ever had. S L O W service, S L O W kitchen. Crab cakes and Tilapia were actually good. Table next to us had their food sent back. Desserts were okay. Avoid until improved.

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        Thanks! The internet is changing what restaurants can get away with, especially in this economy. Maybe the management (if they have any!) will read this thread and shape things up.

      2. Do you know if they are associated with Solaris Grille in Chestnut Hill? That restaurant shares many of the same issues and has been in business for many years . (Though were it not for a plum location I doubt that they would be!)

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          Both Solaris Grilles share a common owner.