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Dec 10, 2008 05:57 AM

What to wear for eating out in NY [moved from Manhattan board]

May sound a stupid question, but whats the general dress code around the city for eating at night? Sorta place we plan to eat is probably around $10-$30 for a main course so not up market. Any advice on this and some good restaurants to try for pre theatre would be great.



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  1. that is quite a range. a $10 entree would mean one thing, while a $30 is another category entirely.

    1. You're in New York City...wear BLACK no matter what the price of the meal.

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      1. re: Lettucepray

        Yep. Wear black. That's all you need to know.

        Seriously, business casual. In black.

        1. re: Steady Habits

          what a cliche that is. not everyone in ny wears black all the time!

      2. Just don't wear t-shirts or anything athletic-y like track pants or team logo sweats that make it look like you just came from the gym (unless you're at a bar I guess). no one will not let you in, epecially in times sq, but you'll just look like a tourist.

        1. You can wear're not going to a jacket required restaurant for 10-30 bucks....

          1. Agreed. Jeans are accepted at most places in the city. On an average day (granted, an average day here does not equal an average day elsewhere in the US - haha), I wear jeans, a sweater and boots don't have a problem.

            For the price range you mention, you will generally be let in anywhere without much fuss.

            Then again...going to a $30 entree place can easily translate to a $200 bill if you also get apps and drinks and dessert. Though, jacket-only places will alwasy tell you so when you make the reservation, so please don't stress! Enjoy!