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Dec 10, 2008 05:51 AM

Dinner Ideas for tonight - SoHo between Lafayette and Canal

I am going to an event tonight near Howard and Canal Street. Im looking to have dinner before (8pm) in the area. I'll be coming from the Broadway/Lafayette stop on the F train and walking south.

Does anyone have any suggestions between there and the event location?

2 people, trying to get out in less than an hour for under $70 (IF we drink, it will be 1 beer/wine each, but we'll be drinking later so cocktails are not necessary). No Thai or Sushi as we are both going out for lunch today and eating these cuisines.

There are lots of delicious places in the area, but everything coming to mind is too pricey or lingering for tonight.

All I can think of is NoHo Star? Ive actually never been there, but it generally gets good recs on this board. The menu looks great. Thoughts? Other ideas?

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  1. Right near Howard and canal you can get a great Chinese-Peruvian meal at Red Egg. Given that their happy hour lasts until 8, you should also have plenty of time to linger.

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    1. Sit at the bar at Balthazar.

      1. Peasant? I don't know if it fits exactly in your geographic range but its close.

        1. the food at Noho Star is pretty mediocre...

          you could get a burger w/ artisnal cheese at Nolita House (Houston, at Mulberry)...

          or Greek food at Snack (Thompson St, but it's so tiny it could be hard to get in)...