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Dec 10, 2008 05:14 AM

New Chef at Church and State pulled over from Bastide

The floor manager last night shared this info with us. We didn't have a full dinner, we just shared a Salad Lyonnaise, a cheese course and a chocolat pot de creme. I have tried the Salade Lyonnaise every time I have been there, and this time, finally, it was delicious. Slightly warmed frisee, lots and lots of lardons, not too salty and lightly dressed with a nice vinaigrette and the egg was cooked to perfection, no clear whites and the yolk was only slightly runny.

Anyone else hear about this new chef and/or try Church and State in the last week or two?

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  1. The new chef is Walter Manzke of ex-Bastide fame. Haven't tried it yet but it seems promising.

    1. It was reported in the LA times that they are "trying it out." He is not permanent.

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      1. re: Adsvino

        Actually, Eater had the story because that's what Steven Arroyo, the owner of Church & State, told them. And then (drama!) Manzke called and said that he only had a meeting with Arroyo, hadn't decided if he was even taking the job, and would give it a test drive. He would be permanent if he wants the job. Sounds like Arroyo jumped the gun a bit, but who wouldn't be excited with Manzke in the kitchen.

        1. re: diningdivala

          Manzke good.
          Arroyo no good.
          Look forward to eat at Manzke's.
          Stay away from Arroyo.

            1. re: RicRios

              I see no reason to stay away from his places if he can get good food in there, and I have and still do love the atmosphere at C&S. Arroyo Chophouse has nothing to do with Steve.