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Dec 10, 2008 04:58 AM

Best Vietnamese

I am addicted to vietnamese food - have tried most around old street and beyond.
Can anyone recommend any that are off the beaten track and some dishes to try?

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  1. Have you tried Green Papaya on Mare St? Its not quite as 'cheap and cheerful' as its counterparts on Kingsland Road, but the staff are friendly and helpful about the various dishes. Unusually, it has a daily specials board, and there is a lamb dish on the menu (I think with lemongrass and coconut milk) that is so delicious - the lamb is really tender and tasty. There is also a smoked tofu dish worth trying - not seen at many of the other places.

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    1. re: pj26

      Ooo sounds nice - will give it a go - thanks.

      1. re: bleep75

        cafe east over in deptford has v v good pho

      2. re: pj26

        I love that smoked tofu dish. I'm convinced it is pork, my husband, the vegetarian, is convinced it is tofu. We are both happy there.

      3. Just double checking, but have you been to the newer places on Kingsland Rd e.g.Pho Sweet Basil, Mien Tay and Que Viet?

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          Went to mien tay - really good - nice fresh ingredients - good nuoc cham (think thats how you spell it) and great grilled pork bun.
          Lovely owners as well.
          Haven't tried other two - will do - have you tried them?

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            Went a couple of months ago...would be good to have an update. Here's a link to the old post: