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Dec 10, 2008 04:33 AM

Restaurants lowering prices in this recession?

I'm curious as to whether the fellow foodies on the board have found any restaurants that have lowered their prices or offer "neighborhood" deals in response to the recession that we're in. If you've found one, please share. In particular, I'm especially curious if any of the medium to high end restaurants have done so.


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  1. If they're smart, they'll start something like the "City Stimulus" that Seattle is doing right now.

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      It'll be interesting to see if more of them sign up for Dine About Town in January. I think I read somewhere there's been a trend to more low-cost prix-fixe offerings.

    2. The very popular Luna Park has a $12 blue plate special, both meated and vegetarian version, on its online menu,

      Has anyone tried the veggie cassoulet or turkey stew?

      Edited to add: Up in Sonoma land, Dry Creek Kitchen has been doing heavy radio promos for its Mon-Thursday neighbors menu, 3-courses for $34 or $49 with paired wine. Free corkage for Sonoma County wines.

      Luna Park
      694 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110

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      1. Some smart restaurateur will figure out the "laid off discount", show your unemployment insurance stub and get half off.

        1. As others pointed out... we are starting to see the stereotypical promotions & deals.... which really are more for a PR perspective. Unfortunately, as the recession drives Restaurant traffic down... there is less Gross Profit to spread against Fixed Costs... so dropping prices, ironically rarely makes sense (dropping prices typically doesn't increase volume enough to raise or even maintain Gross Profits). The deal is merely to get attention... a loss leader of sorts. As everything else in a recession, restaurants - even great ones - are vulnerable independent of their product.... it all hinges on leverage, capitalization & cash flow.

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            I've noticed some mid-week prix-fixe deals. Some of those have been around other years though as well. They show up in winter when tourist traffic is low.