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I am throwing a small little Christmas party for friends and I was thinking about making some alcoholic eggnog.

So if anyone has any good recipes I would appreciate it.

Also what is the best liquor for eggnog.

I was thinking Capt. Morgan's, it has that nice vanilla taste.

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  1. I like brandy. Grate nutmeg on top.

    I'm also thinking about a variation on brandy alexander, where the cream is replaced with the eggnog.

    1. This is a good and easy one: http://www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com/20...

      I usually mix either Bourbon and brandy or rum and brandy, but you can really use any of those. Capt. Morgan's would probably be fine.

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        We made a giant batch of this for a xmas party this weekend. It went slowly at first ("I don't like egg nog", etc) but later on I kept hearing, "that egg nog is really good!" (and unfortunately for both them & myself, I got sad seeing it going slowly earlier and really hit it hard myself - which left less for everyone else and me having consumed far too much dairy :) ). We used sailor jerry for the rum & masson for the brandy.

      2. My father in law always added black velvet which I decided that I liked. Our egg nog punch as a small amount of Baileys with brandy, similar to jaykayen.....

        1. I recently whipped up a batch of Alton Brown's Good Eats Egg Nog and was very pleased. It calls for Bourbon and I used Eagle Rare (one of my favorites). The recipe is pretty simple and the flavor is great.


          1. http://www.slashfood.com/2006/11/21/c...

            Leon's Whipped Cream Eggnog


            18 Eggs
            3 cups Heavy Cream
            2 cups Half and Half
            1 cup Milk
            3 cups sugar
            3 cups American Blended Whiskey
            1 cup Dark Rum
            1 teaspoon Vanilla

            Fresh ground nutmeg or whole nutmegs and grater for serving

            3 medium size mixing bowls (I prefer chilled stainless steel bowls because the ingredients whip easier
            )1 very large mixing bowl or punch bowl

            Separate eggs into clean and dry medium mixing bowls.
            Beat egg whites until stiff, then add 3/4 cup of sugar and beat until the sugar is fully integrated and the whites are very firm peaks.
            Beat egg yolks until the start to get thick and lighter in color, then add 3/4 cup sugar and continue to beat until fluffy and almost white colored. Don't worry about over beating, this stage takes the longest but makes it all worthwhile.
            Beat heavy cream with 1 1/2 cups sugar until soft peaks stage.
            In very large mixing bowl gently fold together the whipped yolks, whites, and cream.
            Add the Half and Half, milk, rum, whiskey, and vanilla and mix by hand gently but thoroughly; it will be very thick with no liquid
            Pour into a large punch bowl and chill fully, preferably overnight, but at least eight to ten hours.
            If you don't let it chill and settle it will be difficult to serve and drink this thick and creamy eggnog.
            Eventually the mixture will separate into a nice eggnog with a thick, fluffy, and creamy topping; as much as two+ inches thick.
            Don't stir too much or the topping will loose some of it's appeal.
            Ladle into punch cups with about 2/3 eggnog and 1/3 topping and serve with a sprinkle of fresh ground nutmeg.

            Makes around 25-30+ servings

            1. I don't care for Captain Morgan's; I'd rather control the vanilla content of my nog with real vanilla.

              I do like a boozy eggnog, skipping around between inexpensive brandy (like Stock), amber rum, bourbon, Canadian whisky and Tennessee whiskey. A grating of fresh nutmeg makes a big difference.

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                "I don't care for Captain Morgan's; I'd rather control the vanilla content of my nog with real vanilla."

                note to ginguy: don't invite MC Slim JB to your party

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                  When I serve eggnog, I let guests mix to their own strength, and offer a range of booze options. The only people I know who drink Captain Morgan's are kids.


              2. Try adding some bourbon (Jim Beam is the old reliable) to the spiced rum for a special kick.

                That being said, I'm afraid I can't get into eggnog for the holidays...to this transplanted Southerner, it's gotta be boiled custard, served just like eggnog in the little punch glasses, but with Jack Daniel's for "flavoring". Spiked boiled custard is the holiday festive drink of choice in the South...I knew growing up there that no one but transplants ever drank eggnog. The stuff could be had from the gorcery, but everyone made boiled custard instead.

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                  Boiled custard is a type of cooked eggnog and goes back a long time. There are three styles of eggnog: Uncooked, Cooked, and 'Batter'.

                  Uncooked and cooked eggnogs are usually served chilled. Sometimes cooked versions are served warm.

                  The cooked versions can be very thick, or if thinned just with spirits, very strong.

                  Batter style is typified by the Tom & Jerry from back in the 1820's. An eggnog batter is made, then spirits and hot water are added just before serving for a warm version of eggnog that isn't as thick as a boiled custard can be.

                  The stuff in the grocery stores is usually an abomination and drunk only as a last resort when you don't have the time or inclination to make a good nog from scratch.

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                    I like homemade nog, but I also like the store-bought stuff, too. The Hood brand available in the Boston area is decent. Whole Foods does one that's a little better. There's a dairy in Dracut called Richardson's that makes a phenomenal product. It's not all junk.

                    Forgot to make aged nog again, this year, darn it!

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                      I did the aged nog this year, using the Chow recipe (http://www.chow.com/recipes/10758). I did a 1/3 batch to make sure it was OK... And it's good enough that I'll be making a full batch in January, for next year. Definitely give it a try, if you don't mind losing the fridge space.

                      My plan for the next batch is to use some pimento dram in place of some of the rum to give it a bit of spice backbone, and maybe cut the cognac out to drop the alcohol content just a bit (as-is it's just a touch on the fiery side, and I would much rather lose the cognac than either the bourbon or rum).

                      1. re: davis_sq_pro

                        I am having a devil of a time getting the recipe link given to open; #10758 comes up a blank three different ways of trying to get to it from the main page or here or thru' the recipe page. Could you copy and re-post it here?
                        I have been trying to re-create the recipe from the Honolulu newspaper circa 1988(?) that takes at least three days to make (each step has to age) and is so delicious! I'm hoping 10758 is similiar.
                        Thank you! to whoever can re-post this one.

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                          This appears to be a problem with the Chow site. I'm also getting a blank on that recipe, even when I go there via Google (search term: Chow aged eggnog). I've been having this problem with a variety of Chow recipes recently so I think they're having infrastructure issues. If you wait a few hours it will hopefully be fixed on their end... I just posted in the Chow feedback forum:


                  1. On a related note, does anyone have a recipe for a cooked eggnog or Tom and Jerry that serves 2-4? I have the recipe in Wondrich's book for 12, but am not sure how well it will reduce.

                    1. My homemade nog recipe calls for dark rum, bourbon, and Yukon Jack. MMMMMMMM

                      1. RUM - definitely rum and I personally would prefer the light over dark version.
                        Try this recipe and obviously replace the "flavoring" with the real thing (and a lot more of it), OR have your bottle of alcohol joice available to your guest to spike their own to their likeing (as long as there isn't a lush in the room. . . .) http://bestyummyrecipes.wordpress.com...

                        1. Best ever recipe is Martha's Stewart from long ago in her hors d'oeurvres (sp?) cookbook - combo of brandy, dark rum, and bourbon with whipped egg whites and a lot of heavy cream - really the best I have ever had and not hard to make.

                          1. you really can't go wrong with a combo of brandy and bourbon......unspiced rum would serve better than a spiced like morgans. And any eggnog worth drinking will have fresh nutmeg to grate over the top. As a variation I offer bowls of nutmet, chocolate shavings, Cinnamon so that guest can add what they like to the top.