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Dec 9, 2008 10:50 PM

New Trader Joe's Westwood -- Friday!

Just called the new Trader Joe's in Westwood Village, on the ground floor of the new apartment complex on Glendon. It was late, so I was hoping for just an answering machine with an anticipated opening date, but I got a real person (who sounded pretty tired). He said they are hoping to open this Friday. It is going to be interesting -- a small street with a few metered spaces in front, so they are going to have to rely on a validated parking system within the structure. With such limited access and egress, just a car or two waiting for a shopper to unload a cart, transfer items into a car, return the cart, come back to the car, etc. can bring everything to a standstill. I sure hope they have thought it trough. At least they are opening at holiday time when nearby UCLA is out of session and much of the neighborhood is on vacation.

Chowhound -- Please, please don't transfer this to Chains. It is very, extremely location-specific.

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  1. Ew. Trader Joes with parking lots are still horrible. Won't ever stop me from going there, though. How about them opening one in East Hollywood, though? I live in Beachwood Canyon, and I either have to go to Silverlake or West Hollywood. Although we are getting a Whole Foods soon. That's pretty exciting.

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      don't count on that whole foods any time soon, as the project has not even started construction, and in this economy, that could be a long time off.

    2. My favorite TJs is in Chatsworth (Devonshire/Mason). Plenty of parking and never too crowded. I don't like the usual parking mess at most Trader's.

      1. Just called -- the new TJ's in Westwood Village is up, open and running!

        1. Stopped by tonight. The girl at the checkout counter told us that they weren't sure they were going to open until the night before--had some problems with permits. But it's a bright, new big store. Parking wasn't too bad. They weren't at all crowded...I think people haven't figured out that they're open. But I'm sure that will change once UCLA students find out!

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            UCLA just finished up finals. So the new store will have a few weeks over the holidays to get their routine down and get the parking situation perfected before the students come back to stock up their apartments and dorms.