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Jan 13, 2004 10:34 AM


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Anyone else ever hear of this Pennsylvania delight? Anyone know where you can get some in Los Angeles?

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  1. Hi Hugh-

    This is for everyone who might want to help you out by responding, please just tell Hugh where he can find scrapple in the L.A. area - and any discussion of what is scrapple, the relative merits of scrapple, does scrapple cure/prevent cancer, etc. -->please continue on the General Topics board.



    1. Having grown up in South Jersey, we ate plenty of scrapple, as well as Taylor pork roll. I have bought the latter at Huntington Meats in Farmers' Market. My guess is if they don't have scrapple, they can get it for you. If they have it, please report back - I may need a fix.

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        Paty's in Toluca Lake (Burbank-adjacent!) at least used to serve scrapple.

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        Wiry Michael Moore

        Doughboys on Third Street has a breakfast dish called scrapple with dirty eggs. It'll usually fill me up for about 24 hours. Though I couldn't say how closely it approximates the traditional Pennsylvania product.

        1. One of the major grocery chains carried it in the freezer section in the pre-strike days. I can't recall which one though.

          1. I saw it in the frozen foods section of Stater Bros yesterday.