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Dec 9, 2008 07:55 PM

Best family friendly Indian restaurant on Devon?

I've searched the archives and it made my head spin with confusion. Can anyone reccommend an Indian restaurant on Devon that would good for a diverse group ranging in age from 8 to 72, some vegetarians some big meat eaters, a few indian food addicts and one who's not too thrilled to be trying it for the first time. Open on Xmas with a buffet would be a bonus. Thanks!

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    2516 W. DEVON

    Excellent food and family friendly! This is a regular spot for my family gatherings. All ages would be comfortable. I enjoy Hema's and Ghandi's (both on Devon) as well, but I would say that Viceroy is the perfect choice. I really miss the old chef, but the new one is excellent as well.

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      I second the Viceroy- I still feel they offer the best food on Devon- Friendly staff, and it's a nice dining room- recently remodeled- Great Naan