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Dec 9, 2008 06:54 PM

Looking for Thai/Chinese Grocery--Raleigh

I'm looking to do some Asian cooking over the holidays and need a recommendation for a grocery store that carries Thai and Chinese ingredients. Something more than Whole Foods. Preferably near Raleigh/5 Points

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  1. You want to head to the Grand Asia Market in Cary. In my opinion, this is the biggest, most well-stocked, and authentic source for Asian groceries in the Triangle. The market is a little hard to find because the entrance faces the freeway and not Buck Jones Road. See link for map and address:

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      It's not just the biggest in the Triangle, it's the biggest between DC and Atlanta. Have lunch while you're there and pick up some pastries to take home. The fish prices are killer and they care about quality. Last week I had e fish counter employee gut two fish, throw them out, and then tell me that she couldn't sell me any of those fish, they were all bad, would I like to choose another type. The produce choices and prices are also excellent.

    2. I'll second Grand Asia. I know it's not really near 5 Points, but it's really the best in the area.

      1. That looks like the place I should try. Are these the same folks that used to be on the other side of Buck Jones Rd near the original Maximillians? I remember there being hole-in the wall type gocery there years ago. Looks like they've moved up to the big time based on the photos.


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          Def Grand Asia Market. Great place to grab lunch too!