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Dec 9, 2008 06:48 PM

Globe Bistro - quick update review

Having read very positive and very negative reviews of Globe - Danforth & Broadview - here is a thumb-nail sketch of my experience.

Total cost for four including tip but excluding wine $ 215 ( i.e. call it a $50 per head sort of place.)

All the food was inventive and largely based on local produce. Presentation imaginative. Taste combinations often unusual, surprising and engaging.

This is not a straightforward steak and frites type bistro. The food is closer to futuristic Nouvelle Cuisine. Our starters included arugula salad with walnut cream, root vegetable soup with some uncommon roots. Mains included duck breast and Jerusalem artichoke, a very fine vegetable pasta, suckling pig and brawn. Dessert , salty liquorice with an apple friter sort of thing with pumkin ice-cream etc. etc. . See the website for accurate description.

Extensive wine list, particularly of Canadian wine, little available under $ 45 per bottle.

My guests were foodies from California and they loved the whole experience, food decor, and service.

This is a place to go if you want a high quality meal that is different from run of the mill food. This is not a place to go if you want a filling, meat and potaoes type of meal.

Hope this helps the rather polarised debate.

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  1. Thanks for the quick review. I've never been to Globe, but it's been creeping up in places I should drop by. Especially since it's so affordable for what it is. Not exactly fine dining, but a much better meal than most places. Or so I've heard.

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      I would say that it IS fine dining in the sense that there is linen in the dining room and probably one of the nicest spaces in the city, great lighting although lacking in much colour. But pricing for the menu and the quality of ingredients is more neighbourhood friendly in value. Service is friendly. Sunday brunch is pretty consistenly good too. I have found the desserts hit-and-miss. And there is always a dish or 2 on the menu that are sort of out there for the experimentalist.

    2. My wife and I have eaten here twice in the last 6 weeks. I was very impressed the first time and previously posted on that great meal. As is usually the case, the second time seemed less magical, but our dinner and the overall experience were still very good. I think you've very fairly captured the place except in two aspects. First, I agree with Westwardho below that Globe does qualify as "fine dining" in terms of the quality of food, decor and service. I also wouldn't want people to think that the portions are not filling. I had the Canada Plate for my most recent dinner and ende up taking some of the meat home. As far as wine, the list has some excellent and hard to find choices. They also allow BYOW. I'm sure to be back.

      1. The decor here is nice, and I would consider it 'upscale', however, my problem with Globe is that it's inconsistent. Sometimes the dishes are good, and sometimes they're pretty average. It's a good go-to spot when you feel like having something half-decent, but don't want to pay too much.

        1. I was there not too long ago and was impressed, but one does tend to have to like experimental dishes. What struck me was the originality of the food combinations. Made me very curious about so-called "Nouvelle Cuisine". Can anyone suggest a similarly creative resto?

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          1. re: HerMajestyPrincessBaklava

            Consistently good and conscientious combinations are at the high end restos in general unfortunately. Claudio at Colborne Lane is a leader in the city IMHO but your are definitely paying for it and David Lee and his team are really good at it. The only other 2 that pop into mind are Lee (of the Susur variety) which has some cool dishes. And even Cava has an interesting array. I used to really like going to Rain a long long time ago and they certainly have many ingredients on their plates, but are not consistent and have not been for a long time.

            1. re: Westwardho

              Colborne Lane keeps coming up on here. Where is it located?

              1. re: HerMajestyPrincessBaklava

                Not surprisingly, on Colborne -- but it's really more of an alley than a street. It's right downtown of Yonge near King.

                Colborne Lane
                45 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1P8, CA

              2. re: Westwardho

                Thanks westwardho...I suppose the creative geniuses do need to be handsomely rewarded for their efforts somehow ;-)