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Dec 9, 2008 06:28 PM

Flatware recommendations

I am looking to buy a flatware set as a Christmas gift and I was wondering if you have any recommendations. I'm looking for something that would last several years, not necessarily heirloom wedding-registry level, but perhaps something a step below that. Budget is around $50-100. I've looked at several brands so far including Reed & Barton, Gorham, etc. I couldn't really tell the different sets apart though aside from the design.

It seems like there are a lot of good deals online too (50% off and up), but I was just wondering if there are certain brands or designs that you would recommend over others. The gift is for a single guy so something not too feminine would be ideal. Basically, just looking for something timeless yet still has some character.

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  1. If you're looking to buy a full set at the 50-100 dollar level, what I would do is check department store sites such as Macy's, Bloomie's, Dillard's, and don't forget Fortunoff and Ross-Simons. They sometimes have special offers of stainless that is certainly a step above what one would find at Walmart, KMart, etc, and sometimes it includes the actual chest.

    I have one set of flatware I got in this manner, I think from Fortunoff, for about $100 some years ago. It's a pleasant, generically traditional, not- too-fussy, but not plain design, that dresses up and dresses down.

    Look to see if Oneida makes an everyday stainless. I have set of Oneida that was more expensive than what you want to spend right now (I think it was about $55 a placesetting about 15 years ago), but...if Oneida makes an everyday level of flatware, I would definitely look at it. Besides their flatware, I have an inexpensive Oneida sauce pan that's of good weight and performs better than some of my higher-end sauce pans.

    But...if you check at the department stores, their intermittent "exclusively to [store name]" special offers can be a very good value.

    1. Sorry I can't suggest a brand, our everyday stuff came from a restaurant going out of business sale and the good stuff is Guy Degrenne, about $100 a setting.

      That said I suggest you look at samples. The way some of it is made on the cheaper stuff there are rough edges between the tines of the fork that make it harder to clean. There should be polished surfaces between the tines.

      1. Not a bad deal! Do you have a Macy's near you? I would stop by and look at this set or others they might have. Or, lots to look at here. Or

        Even a better deal! This is fun, just do a search.
        This one is a Friday deal, so you better get on it!!!!