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Dec 9, 2008 06:02 PM

steak for lunch

Any recommendations for a birthday lunch? It appears rays the classics is not open for lunch, which was my first choice. Maryland or DC preferable.

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  1. Dress up a little (men have to wear jackets) and grab a wonderfully memorable lunch at Prime Rib. My boyfriend took me there a couple of years ago and I still dream about the delicious prime rib, great sides (mashed potatoes, buttered corn, and creamed corn), and key lime pie for dessert.

    The place is classy and fun in an old throw back type of way. We loved our waiter who told us stories about interesting clients through the years. A great place to celebrate a birthday in my opinion.

    1. I like the steak frites at Central. You don't get the tons of steak cut choices of a steak house like rays, but but it's a tasty hanger steak with very good fries. It's steak for lunch Paris style. I think it's a menu staple, but you could always call to confirm it's still there when you make a reservation.