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Dec 9, 2008 05:55 PM

Jfood Visits The STrip Club - Great Steak

Many of the MSP hounds have suggested Jfood try The Strip Club in St Paul for a great steak. And after last night’s in the hotel dinner (BTW the Sheraton in Bloomington has a great burger), Jfood decided to fight the traffic and head to SP for a great steak.

A steak house in NY is an enormous event. The restaurant is usually large, showcasing their dry aged steaks in see-through refrigerators, waiters from an age long ago and the hustle and bustle of a Broadway play. The Strip Club is anything but that extravaganza. Firstly when your Garmin tells you “You have arrived at your destination” you struggle to figure out which storefront is this steak house. But the little sign tells you which door to open.

Upon entering you look around and say, “Is this it?” The place has 16 tables, 10 on the main floor and two on the mezzanine. You feel like you have walked into a speakeasy from the 1930’s. A beautiful wrought iron fence protects the upper floor patrons from a swan dive and the bar has 9 seats along one side and 2 along the other. You are immediately relaxed.

Jfood took his favorite “Norm” seat at the bar. The bartender was as friendly as Sammy and actually walked around the long bar to guide Jfood through the menu. With a NY Strip on the menu Jfood was prepared before he arrived so he just needed to decide on the sides. He chose the strip steak, medium rare with the cremini with red wine rosemary glace plus a side of French fries.

No bread was offered which was a little strange but Jfood was there for the steak. When it arrived he giggled a little. The amount of purplish cremini mushrooms was enormous. They had spent the better part of their adult lives soaking in red wine. So Jfood tasted the French fries first (what else) and his heart skipped a beat. These were to die for, they were crispy, hot and perfectly salted. Then Jfood moved to the mushrooms and the edges of his lips started the upward movement to a small smile. They were full of flavor. Jfood was imagining the mushrooms and steak, but that would come later.

Now Jfood moved to the main event. The steak arrived sliced so Jfood halved one of the slices and took a bite. The flavor was fantastic. The texture of this locally raised beef has a firmer texture than others Jfood has eaten, but he was forewarned by the bartender and as Jfood moved through the strip, he really enjoyed the matador type event as he moved bite to bite to bite. When Jfood next combined the mushrooms with the steak it sort of fell apart. He thought the sauce did not really work with the steak. This would be Jfood's one mark against the restaurant. The red wine was just too much. And the one side that comes with the steak is a serving of poached carrots. Now before you say anything, these carrots were fantastic. They had been soaked in so much butter, the flavor was excellent.

So Jfood highly recommends the strip house, but let nature be served on the plate. If Jfood returns, he would skip anything on top of the steak except his knife and fork.

Once again thank you to all the MSP hounds for this great recommendation.

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  1. Our last visit to the Strip Club was aces. Dan and Tim were both working, and treated us like royalty.

    I enjoyed pork shoulder confit for an entree that was served with roasted peppers, potatoes, pomegranate, walnuts, crème fraiche. The pork was so tender and tasty! The pomegranate added an interesting pop to the dish. I had a glass of Casa Solar Tempranillo.

    My husband ate an entire bone-in ribeye. He had a glass of Boomtown Cabernet Sauvignon. He likes their NY Strip with Northern Lights bleu and scallions, but agrees with Jfood that naked steak is the way to go at the Strip Club.

    1. Did Jfood have a chance to try any of the drinks? I love that they serve old school drinks like the Sidecar. Not just serve them, but prepare them the right way.

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      1. Since I was a persistent recommender of the Strip Club, I'm very glad that jfood enjoyed his visit. The service is one of the reasons we love the place so much-- Tim and co. make us feel like royalty every time...

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          The bartender was about as friendly as any jfood has ever encountered. The owners should package the staf and franchise thier attitude. At first its a little strange for east-coasters but then you realize, they are just over the top friendly.

          1. re: jfood

            They know how to do hospitality right at the Strip Club!

            I'm glad you enjoyed your meal--I agree, their steak is best sans sauce.